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The ECONOMIC SUICIDE of the West is now under way… severe economic sanctions against Russia will END the dollar as the global reserve currency

Introducing THE GREAT RESET… They need to take down the dollar and the US economy to introduce total digital control.  They have anticipated massive social unrest and have incapacitated much of the world’s population, with a biochemical agent that has led to a surge in cancers, immune deficiencies, and neurological disease and much more.   It’s a war on humanity.

The ECONOMIC SUICIDE of the West is now under way… severe economic sanctions against Russia will END the dollar as the global reserve currency

Mike Adams, March 2, 2022


To understand why the dollar is now doomed, first realize that the petro dollar status of the US dollar made it the “world reserve currency” that has dominated world commerce for the last 75 years. The world reserve currency status allowed the USA to print more fiat currency and use it to purchase physical goods and raw materials from other nations without offering anything in return other than fiat dollars. In effect, it allowed the American people to enjoy a highly prosperous, materialistic quality of life — and affordability of goods — that has been artificial this entire time. Because if you can just counterfeit money and then spend it globally, you have an amazing deal.

All this time, America has been trading fiat currency for physical goods, and that’s a great deal for America and a horrible arrangement for the producers and exported of the world, such as China, Ukraine, Mexico, India, Korea, etc.

Additionally, the hyper creation of leveraged debt and trillions in new money printing (especially since covid) has created a highly precarious global debt bomb scenario and stands on the verge of imploding. It only needs one black swan event to topple the entire thing.


Put just baited the West into unleashing an entire flock of black swans.

By goading the West into severe economic sanctions and banking de-platforming, America just fell for Putin’s tactical genius and unleashed a series of events that will inevitably spell the demise of the dollar and the collapse of America. Here’s why:

First, the SWIFT de-platforming of Russian banks hurts western banks and institutions far more than it hurts Russia. Western banks have loan payments due from Russian borrowers, and now those borrowers are unable to meet loan payment demands. Similarly, many businesses in Europe import substantial amounts of goods from Russia, including wheat, minerals and technology. Now, with no way to actually pay Russian businesses, those exports have ceased, causing extreme economic damage to western businesses operating in the UK, France, Germany, Spain… and contributing to the product shortages and supply chain disruptions that will only get far worse (look into Russia’s exports of fertilizer and energy if you’re curious about how bad it’s going to get for Europe).

Those businesses have lines of credit and owe money to many western banks. When those businesses go into default — which is already beginning to happen — the banks that loaned them money will suffer a swarm of loan defaults that were entirely unexpected (hence the “black swan” designation).

The SWIFT system just warned the entire world to stop using SWIFT

But that’s not even the biggest factor at play here. When SWIFT disconnected Russian banks from its system, it broadcast a powerful, history-changing message to the world: If you want to have reliable commerce on a global scale, don’t use SWIFT or the dollar. Otherwise, your nation (or bank, or business, etc.) can be cut off at any time merely because you have a political disagreement with the Biden regime.

Thus, right now there is a mass exodus away from reliance on the SWIFT system. There’s also a rush out of the dollar itself as international companies dive into the Chinese yuan as a more stable currency that can still engage in financial transactions with Russia. This is why the yuan is exploding in value right now, by the way.

Informed people are also moving rapidly into cryptocurrencies, and this situation highlights the perfect use case for crypto: Rapid, decentralized international transfers that can’t get easily trapped by rogue, corrupt governments. Suddenly, XRP, Bitcoin, etc., all look a lot more practical, and we are starting to see people enter this realm who are not speculators and “hodlers” but rather practical international business owners who simply need a transaction system that functions.

For these reasons and many more, there is a global rush away from the dollar and dollar-based control systems such as SWIFT. It’s almost as if Biden and western nations were actually trying to detonate the dollar and bring it to its knees, ending the 75 years of dollar dominance in one grand suicidal leap off a cliff.

The de-dollarization countdown clock is now ticking away

At this point, global de-dollarization is now inevitable. It almost certainly cannot be stopped. Global faith in the dollar and SWIFT has been shattered and is very unlikely to be restored. (Obama has achieved one of his key goals to bring down America.)

Here’s another way to easily understand this dynamic. The commercial aircraft manufacturer Boeing has just announced it is ceasing all support and spare parts for Boeing aircraft owned by Russian airlines:


This declaration, of course, violates Boeing’s contracts with its Russian customers. More importantly, it sends out a message to the world: If you buy Boeing, you will be cut off from spare parts and support if Boeing ever decides it doesn’t like the actions of your national leaders.

Note that commercial aircraft are expected to fly for about 20 years or so, and it takes many years to pay off the loan balances stemming from the financing of those aircraft. If those aircraft aren’t flying, none of the loans are getting paid. And if Boeing cuts off all the spare parts — which they just did — the aircraft simply can’t fly. (They have strict parts replacement requirements that can’t be ignore unless you want the aircraft to start randomly falling out of the sky, which of course Boeing aircraft are known to do on their own anyway.)

The result? No informed air transport company in the world will ever buy from Boeing again. Why would you risk the total default of your airline due to the knee-jerk reaction of a “woke” corporation like Boeing suddenly deciding to violate its contracts and refuse to support the very aircraft they just sold you? Whatever these corporations are doing to Russia today, they can do to YOU tomorrow.

In similar fashion, what international business person is stupid enough to bet the future of their business on the dollar and the SWIFT system that has just proven they can disconnect you at any time, with no due process, for any reason they want? This is the international equivalent to the Canadian government looting all the private bank accounts of peaceful protesters or donors who merely gave $20 to the freedom convoy in Canada. There is no stronger declaration for why the Canadian people should all take their money out of all those banks immediately (and never use them again).

As a business owner / importer / exporter / manufacturer, the minute you realize the SWIFT system (and the dollar, and western banks) are all part of a criminal cartel of “woke” globalists who can destroy your entire business literally overnight, you will seek out a parallel economic system that promises far greater reliability and less woketard muckery.

This means there will be a mad rush away from SWIFT, away from the dollar and away from America. The new financial power centers of the world will likely land in China, with Russia also playing a significant role due to its vast energy resources.

America, on the other hand, will be left holding Joe Biden’s diaper bag while the dollar plunges into oblivion. The dollar’s days are numbered, and the global process of migrating away from the dollar is already under way. {…]

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