Canada / Covid-19 / Fascism / MASS MURDER / The Great Reset

One thought on “Trudeau’s Police Goons Brutalize and ARREST Elderly Man for HONKING in OTTAWA

  1. Is anyone actually surprised by the ABUSE of a citizen, by the ABUSIVE power crazed people in government today? And I mean anywhere, the US, Canada, anywhere.

    The REASON this stuff is happening is people have become FAR too civilized and they have tolerated so much of this, as it has consistently expanded and grown into what we have today worldwide.

    The price we will ALL pay for our civility and tolerance is going to be massive, if we continue to tolerate and be civilized while losing all of our freedoms, or if we collectively put an end this crap. One way we pay and have no freedom, the other way we pay, but maintain our freedom. make a choice.

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