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Bill Gates Deleted Documentary “Why He Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines”

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Interview with Dr. Lee Merritt – Bioweapons researcher: “This is a perfect binary weapon”

once there were gas chambers. now they have plausible deniability… Professor issues warning

It’s an “Operating System.” The mRNA platform of the vaccine is ‘Software of Life’…so boasts the pharmaceutical manufacturer | WATCH included VIDEO by Dr. Carrie Madej

1979 German film predicts Pandemic, Masks, and Police-State Lockdown in “The Hamburg Syndrome” VIDEO

“The New Normal” | New Documentary | 5G + AI + Covid-19 + Vaccine = The Great Reset = Mass Die-Off

WHO, CDC Testing on Africans, Gay Men via vaccines – U.S. Congressional Testimony

YouTube forbids YOU from watching PLANDEMIC II: Indoctornation………………so here’s your chance

VIDEO | Catherine Austin Fitts – Planet Lockdown… MUST WATCH

This pandemic – police state movie never got made….instead the filmmaker, his wife, and daughter died under suspicious circumstances—-WATCH this concept trailer for Gray State

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