Covid-19 / genocide

WHO, CDC Testing on Africans, Gay Men via vaccines – U.S. Congressional Testimony


Part five of H.B. 15090 was entitled RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, [SIC], AND EVALUATION, sponsored by the Department of the Army, the Advanced Research Project Agency (now DARPA), AND Defense Research and Engineering.

The Feasibility program and laboratories were to have been completed by 1974 -1975 and the virus between 1974 – 1979. The WHO started to inject AIDS – laced smallpox vaccine (Vaccine) into over [sic] million Africans in 1977. Over 2000 young white male homosexuals (Operation Trojan Horse) were injected with laced – Hepatitis a vaccine in 1978 through the Centers for Disease Control and the New York Blood Center. The development of the virus apparently had a dual purpose: (1) As a political/ethnic weapon to be used against black individuals and (2) one of the programmed efforts at de-population.

The session of the Subcommittee that took place on July 1, 19-9, involved discussions about Synthetic Biological Agents, Part of the Congressional narrative (from HB 13090) in detailed below:

“There are two things about the biological agent field I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing very rapidly and many eminent biologists believe that within a period 8 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.”

Mr. S. –: Are we doing any work in that field?

Dr. McArthur: We are not.

Mr. S –: Why not? Lack of money or lack of interest?

Dr. McArthur: Certainly not lack of interest.

Mr. S–: Would you provide for our records information on what would be required, what the advantages of such a program would be, the time and cost involved?