BLACK LIVES MATTER …unless you’re an African woman enslaved, raped, and imprisoned in Dubai

Why is Black Lives Matter silent on the violent, systemic, institutionalized slavery of Africans in Muslim countries taking place TODAY?  These women need help desperately.  They would no doubt benefit from some of the enormous corporate funding Black Lives Matter is receiving.

“They do what they like with us. They treat us like their property, like it was the times of slavery. “

“Human rights organizations say there are about 400 runaway housemaids in Dubai’s prison outside the gate’s of the city.”

Every year sees a migration of thousands of poor African and Asian women to the oil rich countries of the Middle East. Young women seeking a brighter future as domestic employees, for to be a maid in Dubai is the only prospect a young Ethiopian has of gainful employment. 100 Dollars a month is the sought after average wage, no matter that you are on call 24 hours a day for your employer. However, on arrival in the fairytale land of Dubai these dreams will often turn into a nightmare of bare survival. These girls are becoming the slaves of the 21st century and there is no escape. Abused in a Country where they have no voice and no alternatives, many see suicide as the only way out. A few dare to flee, wandering the streets of Dubai or finding temporary refuge in one of the few, overfilled emergency shelters in the city.

Comparing the Islamic Slave Trade to the American Slave Trade – The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa | Dr. John Azumah (Video)

The Veiled Genocide – Der verschleierte Völkermord – Le génocide voilé | Tidiane N’Diaye exposes Muslim slave trade in Africa (German Video – English subtitles)

Another Muslim family caught keeping slaves in U.S. | Texas Judge Orlando Garcia bans Muslim couple from United States – Why not prison?

“Black Lives Matter is our campaign” admits Nihad Awad, Executive Director, CAIR جماعة الاخوان المسلمين — Islamic Exploitation of Africans and their descendants comes to America

الاغتصاب العبادة … Rape as Worship: a perversion of Islam? | Hugh Fitzgerald

Qatar, proud sponsor of Hamas, arrests two human rights workers investigating rampant abuse of migrant laborers.


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