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“they went to their death singing”… Serbian and Jewish (Yugoslav) Voices from the Holocaust | Video (32:47)

“That night they killed about 700 women…”

“Did you see the procession of women?”

“Yes, we were going one way, and they were going the other way.”

“How did they go?”

“When the women were going to their death, these were Serbian women, there were no Jewish women anymore, so they went to their death singing.  They knew they were going to their death and so they went there singing.”  – Josip E.

“I sat there, on that bench and realized that everything was destroyed. That I was alone. That they had destroyed my childhood and ruined everything and that I had in fact survived and walked out of hell but that I would carry that hell within me for the rest of my life”  – Dordje L.

Youtube Notes:

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Many aspects of the history of the Holocaust in the former Yugoslavia are told through the voices of those who survived it. The program includes excerpts of Jews rescued by Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians; a Serbian non-Jewish rescuer whose husband was shot for hiding Jews; survivors of concentration camps in Yugoslavia and those deported elsewhere; camp escapees; and partisans. The survivor and witness testimonies were recorded in the United States, Israel, and the former Yugoslavia between 1982 and 1996. They tell of the Sephardic Jewish community before the war, life under the Nazis, liberation, and the challenges they faced after the Holocaust. This program is in Bosnian, Croatian, English, Hebrew, and Serbian with English subtitles.

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