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American woman in Paris describes frequent sexual harassment, assault | Tim Pool (Video)

“A friend of mine and we were in the Metro. She was wearing a pretty short dress. So this guy. This Pakistani guy grabbed her butt. Which is obviously like rude and stuff. She turns around to go hit him and he grabs her arm, and hit her in the face.  So it’s more like, so it’s like you shouldn’t be doing it.

They’re policing you morally…They’re telling you to cover up. They’re following you. They’re grabbing your ass.”

“I don’t feel, I don’t feel as safe.

Like I’m use to,  I told you, saying, I’ll yell: Fuck off, Leave me alone. And now, I’m like, I’ll sit there and if someone is saying something to me, then I like have to put my eyes down and that’s not my personality. So when I have to like, not engage, then I have to deescalate, I feel very timid. I feel more like shut-in. 

This is a disturbing, if revealing interview.

It illustrates the gradual, yet effective imposition of sharia taking place in France.

You hear the frank experiences of an American woman, a ‘Leftist’  living in Paris, as she describes the frequent abuse to which she, and her female friends are subject at the hands of migrant men, and their French-born sons.

She describes feeling an unsettling ‘cognitive dissonance’.  You can hear it throughout the interview. It is compounded by her Italian female ‘friend’ who successfully attempts to undercut, and temper her description of the harsh misogynistic reality she is experiencing in public spaces.

As the interview progresses her ‘friend’ becomes increasingly more vocal in her effort to police the American’s politically ‘incorrect’ candor,  by attempting to steer the interview to that of ‘White’ French sexism — it is an argument of moral equivalency.  However, it is also speaks to a problem of widespread French indifference, that suggests a certain tacit acceptance on the part of the authorities, and French society more generally.

Incredibly, by the end of the interview the American woman begins spouting the ‘open-border’ party line that the Left has witlessly adopted– undercutting her own personal awareness of the threat posed to women from men who support the violent subjugation of women — whose numbers are swelling at an alarming rate in Western societies.

Meanwhile, this American woman has learned, has been schooled to timidly lower her gaze in the presence of her abusers in public.  She knows now not talk back to the followers of Muhammad who feel free, are free to sexually assault her on the streets of Paris.

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