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Greater Muslim Albania Project: EU and NATO – willing to see ‘Blood in the streets of Macedonia’

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Has the Trump Administration decided to continue the policy of Balkan destabilization begun by Bill Clinton,  and supported by George Soros that would allow for the creation of a greater Muslim Albania, violently hostile to indigenous Christian Slavs of the region?

California Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, an early supporter of the Afghan mujahedeen, is aggressively promoting this effort. Blogger William Grigg offers some useful background on Rohrabacher’s longstanding support for Albanian terrorists in the Balkans:


On July 23, 2001 Rohrabacher was a featured guest speaker at a fundraising dinner in Edgewater, New Jersey for the Albanian-American Civic League, a political front group for the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA. That event took place about fifteen miles from the World Trade Center, where – about six weeks later – thousands of people would be murdered in a terrorist act reportedly carried out by allies of the KLA.

In the years leading up to the US-led 78-day terror bombing of Serbia in 1999, the CIA cultivated the KLA as an asset, despite the fact that it was recognized as an al-Qaeda-connected terrorist group by the State Department and numerous European intelligence agencies. After the NATO-coordinated bombing campaign forced Serbia to relinquish Kosovo, Washington installed the KLA as the government of the breakaway province.

The KLA’s ancestry is divided between Stalinists and the Albanian “Skanderbeg” SS division, which rounded up Pristina’s Jewish population before carrying out a campaign of rape and murder of the province’s Serbian population. This pedigree made the KLA something akin to the turducken of terrorism – Communists stuffed into Nazis wrapped in Islamic radicalism. However unpalatable this combination may be to decent and civilized people, Rohrabacher found it to be delectable.  http://freedominourtime.blogspot.jp/2014/05/why-isnt-dana-rohrabacher-in-prison.html

More recently it has been revealed that NATO was responsible for providing military training an Albanian Muslim from Kosovo who went on to become an ISIS commander.  This Islamic Albanian terrorist returned to Europe to lead ISIS fighters posing as refugees to launch attacks Israeli and Serbian targets.

“Even if blood runs through the streets of Macedonia, that would be just fine and acceptable for NATO.”  —Aleksandar Pavic of Belgrade’s Center for Strategic Alternatives 


Greater Albania Project: West Willing to See ‘Blood in Streets of Macedonia’

The EU and NATO are putting pressure on Skopje to accept the demands of neighboring Tirana [Albania] and change its constitution, which would have a destabilizing effect on the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). […]


In late December, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama invited the leaders of four Albanian parties in Macedonia to Tirana for a meeting at which they formulated a so-called “Albanian Platform,” under the auspices of Tirana.

The four-pronged platform calls for the Albanian language to be granted official status in Macedonia, judicial reform, EU membership and NATO membership, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti told Dnevnik.mk.

Tirana’s meddling was criticized by the Macedonian foreign ministry, which called on Albania to refrain from stoking division in the region.

Tirana’s attempt to destabilize Macedonia has been echoed by US politicians too. In February, chairman of the US Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats Dana Rohrabacher told Albanian TV Channel Vizion Plus that the country should be portioned, and “Kosovars and Albanians from Macedonia should be part of Kosovo.”

Opposing the Tirana Platform as a step towards the partition of FYROM “along ethnic lines, via cantons and federal units,” Gruevski’s VMRO-DPMNE called on the SDSM to reject a political alliance with Albanian parties who are implementing Tirana’s plans for the eventual carving-up of Macedonia.

Aleksandar Pavic of Belgrade’s Center for Strategic Alternatives told Sputnik Srbija that the EU’s call is a demonstration that the EU “still behaves like an appendage to globalist Washington, and working hand in hand with NATO.”

Earlier, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called on “the authorities in Skopje to fulfil the next step in the democratic process,” and said the alliance “remains committed to the membership of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the Alliance.”

Pavic told Sputnik that NATO’s interference is testament to its support for the partition of Macedonia and the furthering of Tirana’s “Greater Albania” project.

Given its desire for the Republic of Macedonia to join NATO, the country’s destabilization would be an acceptable outcome for the alliance, Pavic said.

“That’s not a bad outcome as far as NATO is concerned. Even if blood runs through the streets of Macedonia, that would be just fine and acceptable for NATO. Of course, they want to prevent NATO’s biggest fear, that is leaving a vacuum for even a shred of Russian influence to enter,” Pavic said.

“This open interference shows that they are in a hurry to do as much as they can and present the new administration with a fait accompli wherever possible. In Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro … here we see the globalist project that has tried to rule for the last 25 years.”

Pavic commented that the destabilization of FYROM would cast doubt on any possible involvement in the Turkish Stream gas project, or China’s plans to build a fast train between Thessaloniki and Budapest.

“An unstable Macedonia prevents either of these projects,” Pavic said.

Albanians are the largest minority ethnic group in Macedonia, and are a majority in some western regions. Their population has increased rapidly over the past century. According to a 1953 census, there were 870,000 Macedonians and 163,000 Albanians in the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. In 2002, there were 1.3 million Macedonians and 509,000 Albanians.



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  1. We have to wait a declaration of mother Merkel to convict the Tycoon Soros as did the boycott to Putin, and its sanctions.

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