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Did the Obama Administration ‘wiretap’ Trump Tower during the election? Welcome to the United States of Obama-Stan (Video)



Not surprisingly,  Obama’s people are denying this. But the words and phrases of their carefully crafted denials have been characterized as “non-denial, denials”.

There are also cries of outrage coming from the mainstream  corporate media accompanied by the usual ridicule of Donald Trump, for his alleged habit of exaggeration, and early morning tweeting, even as many of those same news outlets were the ones who first reported the story.

Arch conservative radio host Mark Levin, who has been largely contemptuous of Donald Trump during the campaign, made a point of culling through the news reports, formulating a rather devastating indictment of what took place.

As reported in the media, he details with great specificity, the efforts the Obama administration made to spy on Trump and his campaign.  The first attempt to obtain a warrant to spy on Donald Trump  in the earlier part of the summer in 2016 was apparently based on information so specious, it was denied by the secret FISA court.

Undeterred, Obama’s minions tried again in October 2016, just weeks before the election, and were finally granted a more limited warrant to spy in Trump Tower.

According to news accounts, they found nothing, yet the spying in Trump Tower continued.

Supposedly, all this was all over alleged links to the Russians, as though the United States has been hurled back in time to the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Outraged, Levin asserts:

“I’m telling you, as a former Chief of Staff for the Attorney General for the United States in the Reagan Administration, these are police state tactics.”

Welcome to the United States of Obama-Stan.