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Herd Mentality – a social experiment exposes how quickly and readily people are manipulated to fall in line (Video)



It’s hard to buck social norms, group think.  Most don’t.

In this video, unsuspecting participants are manipulated into joining an innocuous activity.  From what is shown, they follow  almost without question.  They may wonder, but none appear to demand real answers.   Absent is a rigorous analysis of the  ridiculous — pointless — group behavior of those around them.  Instead, they fall in line.


Unfortunately,  groups like BLM, BDS, and CODEPINK exploit the impulse. Their followers suppose they are engaging in dissent, in protest.   Ironically, these groups manipulate followers in similar sorts of ways to obscure their actual purpose.

When the stakes are high they escalate. Social and emotional discomfort is increased through shaming, ridicule, exclusion, bullying, and intimidation. When that isn’t enough to compel conformity, and obedience,  when open discussion, critical analysis, debate, and the free exchange of ideas continue to persist, than violence and the threat of violence are treated as an acceptable option, justified — even encouraged.


This alone, this readiness to silence discussion through any means possible, including violence, should give pause to those who follow these groups.