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UN Evacuated (RESCUED) 290 Islamic State Jihadists in Syria | Blic

The United Nations excels at aiding the efforts of Islamic Terrorists. They’ve had years of practice in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Gaza, and Judea and Samaria.

In Bosnia, for example, U.N. forces gave newly arriving mujahedeen terrorists safe escort to U.N. Safe Havens (refugee camps) from which they launched terrorist attacks on civilians.

In Syria, they’re evacuating them to safety —rescuing them–untroubled by their on going atrocities and war crimes: The beheadings, the torture, the rapes, the stonings, the tossing of homosexuals off buildings, the continuing genocide against ancient Christian and Yazidis communities.

And what of the captured women and young girls enslaved by these same Islamic State “militants”? Is the United Nations freeing them or are they simply transporting them as the “property” of their Muslim captors in deference to their religious sensibilities.  You know: That which their right hands possess?

ISIS - convoy

UN evacuated 290 ISIS members and their families in Cancer [Google translate]

Grupa od 290 militanata Islamske države i 150 članova njihovih porodica evakuisana je u konvoju UN sa područja grada Damaska u Raku, prestonicu ove ekstremističke grupe na severoistoku Sirije, javili su danas mediji libanskog Hezbolaha. A group of 290 militants of the Islamic state and the 150 members of their families evacuated in a convoy of the UN in the field of the city of Damascus in Cancer, the capital of the extremist groups in the northeast of Syria, according to the media today Hezbollah.

Borci su danas napustili Dumajr, u skladu sa dogovorom sa UN, javio je isti izvor. The fighters are now left Dumajr, in accordance with an agreement with the UN, reported the same source.

Sirijska opservatorija za ljudska prava saopštila je da je Dumajr bio u središtu žestokih sukoba između provladinih snaga, islamističkih militanata i boraca Islamske države. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had Dumajr was at the center of fierce clashes between pro-government forces, Islamist militants and fighters of the Islamic State.

Observatory reports that clashes between the Syrian pro-government militias and Kurdish forces erupted in the town of Kamisu, in the northeast of Syria, reports the AP.

U saopštenju grupe za monitoring se navodi da su kurdske snage ubile ili uhapsile 25 pripadnika milicije u Kamišliju, koji je tokom građanskog rata faktički podeljen na delove pod kontrolom oružanih snaga sirijske vlade i one pod kontrolom oružanih snaga sirijskog Kurdistana. In a statement the group for monitoring alleges that the Kurdish forces killed or arrested 25 militiamen in Qamishli, who during the Civil War actually divided into sections under the control of the armed forces of the Syrian government and those under the control of the armed forces of the Syrian Kurdistan.