Islam / Islamic State / State of Islam

“Here” proclaims a child in Canada, “are the heads.” … who defends the Muslim children?

Teach your children - toddler_head


“You, who are the road

Must have a code

That you can live by.

And so,  become yourself,

Because the past,

is just a goodbye.


Your children well.

Their father’s hell,

Did slowly go by…”


“I think anyone who claims that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is a liar….Our present is so wretched because we live in lethal duplicity.”

— Kuwaiti activist Nasser Dashti

The Islamic State is not the exception. It’s the rule.

Look to Iran. Look to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. There.  In those places one will find the State of Islam, exemplified.

In Canada… a play performed by children, for children — supervised by adults — acting out beheadings in a Mosque affiliated school.

Cause for concern?

“Here” proclaims a child, “are the heads.”