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Threatened with death and persecuted by the state | Disturbing interviews with Swedish artists Dan Park and Lars Vilks, and Danish publisher Lars Hedegaard | Ezra Levant


Why must Lars Hedegaard, an historian and publisher, live with 24/7 armed guard, and face prosecution by the State of Denmark for mentioning in public the name of the Islamic terrorist  who came to his home, and, at point blank range, attempted to shoot him in the head?

These interviews with Lars Hedegaard,  Dan Park and Lars Vilks are profoundly disturbing.

They illustrate the emergence of a cooperative, if not coordinated effort by European nations and Islamist terrorists to rob artists and intellectuals, not just of their civil liberties — the right to free speech and expression — but of their physical freedom, their safety: Their lives.

Free to act with impunity, Muslims have become the new enforcers of tyranny in Europe, against Europeans, against their secular, moderate coreligionists, against anyone who doesn’t fall in line. They are agents of subjugation and repression, acting with the tacit approval of Western European leaders, especially the EU and Germany.

German Nazis asserted control, implemented Fascism through intimidation, terror, and violence.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that today’s European leaders are using followers of Islam to achieve the same aims.  Enforcement has been outsourced.

An earlier post considered this process, introduction of Islamic ideology into the West through massive immigration as seen in these videos from a few years ago.

“Through various means, Western nations are effectively importing and financing the ‘forces’ they need to impose “order” upon their own citizenry.

Those Muslims at the front lines of  this effort…may suppose that they are acting independently, and in opposition of the nations to which they have settled or received asylum. They are not.  They are instruments, brutal foot soldiers, militant useful idiots, working in tandem with those designing the policy to implement what could not otherwise be achieved.

Who better to put down the evitable domestic resistance to the dismantling of civil liberties by the State in Western nations?

It is the implementation of domestic social control, necessarily introduced from the outside because local police, military and legal institutions in countries like Canada, the United States, and France are bound to defend the individual rights and liberties enshrined by law and embraced by most in the West.  Such people cannot be relied upon to impose fascism on their fellow countrymen and women.

These militant followers of Muhammad face no such impediment.  Something the German Nazis recognized readily and sought to exploit.  In this, it seems, they are not alone.

It is domestic subjugation by proxy.”

As for the future of Europe?  Danish publisher Lars Hedegaard remains optimistic and shares this best case scenario:

“I think it’s safe to assume that, that the nation states of Europe, including Demark, Norway, Sweden, are done for.  They will break up. That does not mean that Danes will disappear or Danish culture will disappear.  It means that we will be living in enclaves, separate enclaves that have not very much in common except for low intensity warfare.  And of course, that means the end of the welfare state.  It means the end of national unity.