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“The Americans are the problem…They support the forces of political Islam – both Sunni and Shiite” | Ayad Jamal Al – Din, Former Iraqi MP

Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din wants secularism imposed on Iraq by force but sees no support for this effort, noting that the United States has been the problem, has supported political Islam over civil society.

Like so many others in Iraq, he supported U.S. intervention; now he is experiencing the same kind of hangover the “opposition” has in the former Yugoslavia, like Iraq, once a prosperous, stable nation, now dismembered, impoverished, and rife with corruption, crime and violence.

The United States, in fact, has not been “exporting” Western style democracy, has not been “nation building”, has not brought prosperity and stability.  In the Muslim world, and now even in Western Europe, the policy is one of undermining civil liberties, secularism and virtually all other non-Islamic faiths.

This effort appears increasingly hurried, almost desperate. Why?

Certainly this policy has not been in the obvious interest of the security and influence of the United States regionally.  So what interests are being served? What is the end game?   Perhaps, the answer in part can be gleaned from taking a closer look at what life is like for ordinary people: laborers, women and children, academics, journalists, poets and artists in places like Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan — the extreme social control that is “legally” exerted on virtually all aspects of life in society enforced with through religiously sanctioned violence and terror, even death — through policies that would otherwise be deemed Crimes Against Humanity.

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