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PLO / FATAH and Iran : The Special Relationship (VIDEO) | Francisco Gil-White

Another excellent video production from Professor Francisco Gil-White and HIR.  This is truly an eye opener. Watch.

PLO/FATAH AND IRAN : The Special Relationship from FACESHIRHOME on Vimeo.

PLO/FATAH AND IRAN : The Special Relationship

PLO/Fatah, now better known as the “Palestinian Authority,” will govern a Palestinian State in the militarily strategic territories of Judea and Samaria (or “West Bank”) if the Middle East “peace process” concludes with a “Two-State Solution.” Given that Iranian leaders daily promise the destruction of Israel, most people assume that PLO/Fatah has nothing to do with Iran. It would be absurd, they implicitly reason, for Israeli leaders to give strategic territory to an Iranian proxy. And yet, it is a historical fact that PLO/Fatah helped install Ayatollah Khomeini in power and helped create the current Iranian Islamist regime. It has maintained a close relationship with this regime ever since. This short film documents that relationship.