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PUT PALESTINIAN CAPITOL INSIDE THE VATICAN | Open letter to Pope Francis from Bob Kunst



Pope-Yasser-Arafat-holding-hands -stamp“In 2000, Christians made up 20% of Bethlehem and today, while you laud Abbas, committed to destroying all of Israel and his state will be ‘Jew Free’ and “Gay Free”, there are only 2% Christians in Bethlehem. This is no accident for the persecution of Christians by Abbas’s Muslims has been horrendous and you keep silent about this oppression and murder while condemning Israel. You are such a hypocrite.”

Dear Pope Francis:

By Bob Kunst

You’ve done it again, and we urge you to put all these ‘peace’ loving terrorists inside the Vatican on a permanent basis, along with the rest of the Jew-haters in the Vatican, starting with yourself.

You waved at us after visiting Yad Vashem in Jerusalem on May 26, 2014, when we had 100 with posters demanding that Pope Francis and ABBAS Postersyou open the books on Hitler’s Pope, who gave financial and political support to Hitler and who kept quiet while Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem and the rest of the European Nazis carried out the mass murder of 7 million Jewish men, women and children who were killed in 42,500 places of this crime against humanity.

The Holocaust was the result of the blatant Jew-hating from the Vatican for 2000 years, and where Pius XII thought Jews were sub-human, Bolsheviks and Christ Killers and with his blessing made the Holocaust happen with that Catholic Hitler and his band of Catholics as well.

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We also demanded that you open your books on The Vatican Bank and how this corrupt institution took ‘gold trains’ from the teeth of the Jewish and other victims to finance the Vatican ‘rat line’, which helped the mass murderers to escape, along with the British and American forces.

Fifteen thousand Nazi war criminals went to Canada; 10,000 to the U.S.; 30,000 to Latin and Central America and 30,000 more to Argentina, where you are from and didn’t do a thing about any of it and your silence is complicit in this outrage. Have the criminals been caught for the bombing of the Jewish community center that killed 85 more Jews in Argentina, long after the Holocaust? The Perons welcomed the Nazi killers and where were you?

In addition, we demanded that you return to the Jewish people, $millions in stolen Torahs, holy books and Jewish artifacts stolen in the Holocaust, and also the Jewish Temples gates, stolen many centuries ago and all of it under the Vatican and doesn’t belong to you.

We also opposed giving the Vatican 14 properties you wanted in Israel, including the Tomb of King David, who built Jerusalem over 3000 yrs. ago and again you want control of.

We also criticized your meeting with the Mufti of Jerusalem and calling him ‘brother’, when in 2012 he called for “Killing All Jews.” His comment didn’t bother you?

We also criticized your kissing the wall built to keep out the Islamic Nazi terrorists who you visited on the afternoon of 5/26/14, and then managed to revise history once again by stating on that same day that this was like the “Warsaw Ghetto.”

Not that the Vatican cares about the truth, which would set you and the rest free, but the Warsaw Ghetto had 400,000 Jews shipped to Treblinka extermination camp and the few hundred Jews left to fight the German and Polish Nazis managed to keep them at bay for weeks and along with the Serbian anti-Nazis, who also fought against them for months, now forced Hitler into the Russian winter or we would all be speaking German.

Of course none of this matters to you on any level since the Islamic Nazis you embrace were aligned with Hitler to “Kill All Jews” and the Mufti of Jerusalem refused to allow any Jews to flee Europe to Palestine and of course before 1948 the Jews were the Palestinians.

Your purpose for visiting Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial to those lost in the Holocaust, was obviously nothing more than a publicity stunt.

We also asked for your help with Holocaust Survivors, with so many desperate and having to choose between food and medicines and also ignored by the Vatican, as much as those who participated in the slave labor of 14 millions worked to death or led to the gas chambers and the Vatican ignoring this horror and outrage as well, while preaching about peace and love and doing the dirtiest politics instead. Over 2000 German companies participated in the Holocaust and many American companies as well and all on the hook for compensation to the survivors and heirs.

We also condemned the Vaticanization of the Death Camps, which are the world’s largest Jewish cemeteries, by putting up giant crosses on the graves of Jews murdered there. At Dachau Death Camp, near Munich, the lst of the death camps, where 40,000 were murdered, the Germans still refuse to tell the world that the gas chamber worked. Meanwhile, McDonald’s hands out flyers on where to buy burgers and fries. So much for trivializing the Holocaust itself.

Then there is Auschwitz-Birkenau, where the Russians say millions of Jews were murdered and today the Poles use this extermination camp as if it were Disneyland, with banking, disco, post office, restaurants, etc. in a total disgrace and contemptible behavior to market this killing machine as a tourist promotion and attraction. Obviously, the extermination camps were put in Poland for their Jew-hating politics that the Vatican has been pushing with the Nunnery at Auschwitz with all of its Jew-hating signs I saw there in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of the liberation of this camp.

I was there with permission of the government and survivor groups with my 20 ft. banner: “Purge, Extradite and Prosecute All Nazi Murderers”. Of the 4000-8000 who ran Auschwitz-Birkenau, only 50 were ever put on trial. The rest went free and Germany paid pensions to these killers, while ignoring the survivors and only throwing them a bone of 3 cents on a dollar. Only last year, Germany offered $1billion to victims of the ghettos but only went back to 1997 and ignored the struggles for 50 yrs. while waiting for most of them to die off and not have to pay anything, while continuing this punishment and where was the Vatican or yourself in this horrendous betrayal?

In 2000, Christians made up 20% of Bethlehem and today, while you laud Abbas, committed to destroying all of Israel and his state will be ‘Jew Free’ and “Gay Free”, there are only 2% Christians in Bethlehem. This is no accident for the persecution of Christians by Abbas’s Muslims has been horrendous and you keep silent about this oppression and murder while condemning Israel. You are such a hypocrite.

These are the same Islamic Nazi gangsters who danced in the streets after ‘9/11′ and who give out candy every time they kill a Jewish man, woman or child.

So 50 yrs. ago the Vatican finally said that Jews weren’t responsible for the killing of Jesus, after all the millions of Jews slaughtered on this premise before the Holocaust the Vatican is part of.

Yet, the Jew-hating today is out of control, again and as usual the Vatican is leading this menace with your contemptible politics, that is not only anti-Jewish, but anti-Christian.

There is no New Testament without the Old Testament, nor a Koran without the Old Testament.

Only a few years ago at a soccer match in Rome, a large sign was unveiled about sending Jews to the ovens. So much for Vatican teachings.

You say: “Who am I to Judge” concerning Gays, which is fine and then go and judge and condemn G-d’s Eternal Covenant with the Jewish Nation, that has been ‘occupying the Holy Land’ for 5000 years and demand that it be divided and given to the Abbas/Fatah/Hamas Islamic Nazis, aligned with Hitler to ‘kill all Jews’ and are still ‘killing all Jews’, still cowardly denying the Holocaust and their role in it and still hoping that Iran will finish what Hitler started with its nukes.

Of course if the Shia Muslims have a nuke with Iran, so must the Saudis have a nuke they will buy from Pakistan for the Sunni Muslims.

When 4600 Christians were murdered in 2014 by these Islamic Nazis, where were you?

A few meaningless speeches by you, while this genocide by ISIS, etc. against Christians and others is going on, is no different than the indifference to the slaughter in the Holocaust of Jews that the Vatican was in the middle of.

Nothing has changed.

The Israeli Government may want to play politics with you, but we know this corruption within the Vatican and its despicable politics and body count on so many levels and we are NOT letting you off the hook but holding you accountable and responsible as much as pulling the trigger itself..

We asked to meet with you before you went to Israel and the Vatican ignored us, including a personal visit to hand our issues to you also being ignored.

I did take photos of myself at the Vatican and holding signs: “Remember the Holocaust”; “No More Nazism”, “Keep Jerusalem United” and “From Hitler to Hamas, The Holocaust Continues”.

Now in 2015, you reward Abbas, responsible for killing of the 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

You embrace Abbas who started the 2nd Intifada and claims to have killed over 9000 Israelis.

You laud this monster who refuses to even hold free elections, while claiming all of Israel as his ‘Palestine.’

Could you be more deceitful and your Argentine Rabbi friend cannot cover for you on any of this.

We work with grassroots Catholics and Christians who are equally appalled by your behavior and politics in all of the above.

You’ve given your blessings to Hamas/Fatah which are Islamic Nazi killers. Hamas fired over 20,000 missiles into Israel, while using its women and children as human shields and hiding their missiles in mosques and schools and you support this?

As long as Jews are getting killed and wounded you couldn’t be happier.

Shame on you.

These are your values?

This is how you continue the Holocaust?

If you love these Islamic Nazi killers so much, why don’t you bring them to Italy for resettlement? Abbas admits that his leaving in 1948 wasn’t because of the Jews, but his fellow Arabs telling him that they would drive the Jews into the sea and to come back for all those Jewish spoils they could steal.

This was part of the Arabs throwing out 900,000 Jews and all stolen from them in 1948, as in Europe previously, in this grand theft and none of this is brought up on any level, especially when the Vatican is part and parcel of hoarding what has been stolen from the Jews, then and now.

Shalom International was the ONLY Jewish organization to Protest Pope John Paul II in 2000 with the same issues as above and again in 2009 when Pope Benedict was in Jerusalem.

Benedict said that ‘Gays are intrinsically evil’ and of course diverting attention from the 4000 priests/bishops/archbishops doing child molestations while admiring the Sistine Chapel, by Michelangelo, that gay evil man, one of the world’s greatest artists.

If you bless Israel you are blessed. If you curse Israel, you are cursed.

Judge ye, lest ye be judged.

You have attacked G-d, Judaism, Israel, Jews, Christians, Muslims with the awful Vatican politics that has supported the Nazis, German or Islamic all along.

In 1989, as Executive Director of Cure Aids Now, we were the ONLY non-Government agency invited to the Vatican Aids Conference.

I shook hands with Pope John Paul II, gave him a “Curati la Sida” button in Italian and for 3 days heard nothing but ‘gay bashing’ and nothing about the AIDS virus, incubations, preventions, etc. I saw priests pleading for their lives and thrown out of this conference.

I told the Associated Press then that the Vatican was the biggest spreader of Aids and wouldn’t even discuss condoms among a host of issues, while playing the devil in this crisis. Now with 30,000,000 dead and 100 million infections, again the Vatican made the worse possible horrors to take place in its fallible and failed politics, that has cost so very many lives and so much pain.

Pope John Paul II in Israel in 2000 said he didn’t want an ambulance with the Star of David following him, nor if he needed a blood transfusion for any reason, he didn’t want any Jewish blood in him. His home in Poland was owned by a Jew killed at Auschwitz.

The Israeli government capitulated once again and said nothing.

Jesus was a Jew and circumcised and you again attack him by attacking the Jewish family and nation he was part of.

When will you ever practice what you preach?

From the Crusades, to the Inquisition, to the Pogroms and then the Holocaust and all the Arab wars and terrorism attacks, the Vatican has always sided with those ready and willing to ‘kill all Jews.’

Again, bring Abbas and all of his Jew-haters into the Vatican permanently and in Italy and throughout Europe. After all, Arab oil and Muslim Jihadism that controls the UN, would be far more beneficial financially to the Vatican than the “Holy Land.”

By the way, would you ask the Muslims to give up Mecca for a phony’ land for peace’ deal…. that in 1938 had England’s Chamberlain’s ‘peace at any price’ paper with Hitler, that led to WWII and 60 millions dead and 7 million Jews slaughtered for their faith and also just for being Jews who were secular? Has anything changed with your appeasement Jew-hating politics?

Would you give up the Vatican for this phony peace with Abbas and the Islamic Nazis? Yet you demand that the Jews give up their Covenant that millions of Jews were murdered for. What chutzpah!

Such two-faced politics and the opposite of what Jesus taught and the shame it has wrought on humankind as a result, let alone the body count and sufferings, the grand thefts and resulting chaos, again threatening the security of the world, with the Vatican pushing this horror over and over again.

Perhaps, you should consider also making Abbas a Cardinal with all the trappings to enhance this farce.

This is your failure and your legacy.

Yours in Shalom

Bob Kunst, Pres. Shalom International