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Are Jews Indigenous to the Mideast? Ofra Haza provides the answer in this Today Show clip with Bryant Gumbel from 1989 (Video)

If there was any one woman who could channel the divine, it was Ofra Haza.

Bryant Gumbel of  the Today Show is clearly overcome in this clip from 1989. It’s quite the sight — watching him react to the voice of Ofra Haza.

Ofra Haza was an Israeli.  Her family came to Israel — not from Europe — but Yemen.  And it is in that tradition–the Yemenite Jewish tradition– that she sings.   Her voice, and her spirit, are mesmerizing… and deeply moving.

She died much too young, and with her passing the world – humanity – lost something dear and precious.

Watch. Listen. Then ask yourself, what would prompt so many to deny that Jews are indigenous to the Mideast?