Islam / Leftist betrayal

Islamic Migration: Imposing Domestic Subjugation by Proxy – Silencing Free Speech, Artistic Expression and Critical Inquiry at Uppsala University and the silencing of Lars Vilks

Despite the presence of law enforcement at this campus event, the screening of an art video about homosexuality in Islam produced by an Iranian and presented by the artist Lars Vilks was quickly suspended.

The silencing of free speech, artistic expression and academic inquiry was imposed on the campus of Uppsala University with little resistance or meaningful consequence .

On the face of it, censorship had been imposed by the violent Muslim mob in the audience threatening and intimidating Lars Vilks, audience members, and even the police.

In fact, what we are witnessing is the violent imposition of, not foreign, but domestic State sponsored censorship.

Through various means, Western nations are effectively importing and financing the ‘forces’ they need to impose “order” upon their own citizenry.

Those Muslims at the front lines of  this effort, like those seen in the audience at Uppsala university in Sweden, may suppose that they are acting independently, and in opposition of the nations to which they have settled or received asylum. They are not.  They are instruments, brutal foot soldiers, militant useful idiots, working in tandem with those designing the policy to implement what could not otherwise be achieved.

Who better to put down the evitable domestic resistance to the dismantling of civil liberties by the State in Western nations?

It is the implementation of domestic social control, necessarily introduced from the outside because local police, military and legal institutions in countries like Canada, the United States, and France are bound to defend the individual rights and liberties enshrined by law and embraced by most in the West.  Such people cannot be relied upon to impose fascism on their fellow countrymen and women.

These militant followers of Muhammad face no such impediment.  Something the German Nazis recognized readily and sought to exploit.  In this, it seems, they are not alone.

It is domestic subjugation by proxy.