Israel / Leftist betrayal / PLO - FATAH

U.S. establishing an “Army of Palestine”

The United States is moving forward in establishing an Army of Palestine from the PLO – FATAH, just as they did with the Kosovo Liberation Army in the Serbian province, Kosovo.   Washington feigns outrage at the bogus investigation of Israel for war crimes at the ICC, but let there be no doubt, it would not have been sought or approved without the tacit approval of the White House.  Anybody familiar with the US-German-Islamic war on the former Yugoslavia, and the Serbian people, should recognize the scenario readily.  The very taint of being investigated for war crimes is sufficient to paint your target a suspected war criminal, essential to denying it the right to self – defense.

The ruling elite of the U.S. and Europe are at war with Israel by proxy;  the Obama White House is going in for the kill, and the Left, those in supposed opposition to US foreign policy, are mute or directly on board, joining the pathological chorus of condemnation of Israel and the Jewish people, disseminating fictions of fascism and outrageous lies of apartheid, to lend credence to genocidal campaign that is being fomented by the ruling elite.

They remain silent as the US has given the green light to Iran to occupy and assume command of the US trained and armed Iraqi military, ostensibly to fight ISIS, a Sunni terrorist army Iran it was instrumental in creating and is now using destabilize and neutralize resistance to its imperialist ambitions in the region.

Yemen, too, is now effectively under control of Iran.  Iran’s proxy armies of Isis and Hezbollah are closing in on Israel, which is now serving, ironically, as a bulwark for Egypt and Jordan, much as Iraq did before the US attacked it on behalf of Iran.

As ever, the US and western Europe, are driving to dismantle Israel defenses.  With Israel unwilling to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, to relinquish the positions it needs to hold  to defend itself, the US is pushing forward in establishing a hostile army within its borders — transforming the PLO – FATAH from a terrorist organization, to a US trained terrorist army.

The article below asks, ” What plan do we have if the Palestinian Army attacks IDF forces in the future — instead of its presumed enemy, Hamas?”

Wasn’t that the plan all along?

The West Bank Army of the “State of Palestine,” Thanks to the United States