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Hamas members brutally beating civilians of Gaza who leave their homes following IDF warning [German Report]

Does Hamas really care about the people of Gaza?  Hardly.

Hamas spent vast sums of “aid” from the U.S., Iran, the EU, and Qatar intended for the construction of a supposed “Palestinian” state, to stockpile thousands of missiles and build an enormous,  subterranean military complex, of reinforced concrete — not under open farm land of which there is much in Gaza — but densely populated communities of Arab families.

A vast tunnel system was created by the ‘Palestinian’ branch of the Muslim Brotherhood directly beneath homes, schools, Mosques, and apartment buildings through which this U.S. backed Muslim Brotherhood militia was planning an invasion of Israel.

Hamas used their own people, the very people who elected them, as human shields for their fighters, weapons and infrastructure.  All of which was designed, not to defend the people of Gaza, but to kill as many Israelis as possible, and ensure a high Arab body count.

Hamas built bunkers for their men, but no bomb shelters for their children.

Arab ‘palestinians’ deliberately placed their children in harms way,  schooled their children, their sons and daughters, not to become teachers and doctors,  but human sacrifices, and readied them for death.   For this ‘future’, these Arab children would not need bomb shelters…much less schools, playgrounds, and hospitals.  For this ‘future’, they would only need a grave and a lavish funeral – something Hamas was only to ready to provide, so long as the Western media was on hand to film it.

As this video suggests, Hamas, was seeking a high civilian body count to incite the West against Israel even if it meant using physical violence to prevent civilians from fleeing to safety.

One could find the same tactic employed in Bosnia and Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia, where Yugoslav forces and innocent Serbian civilians were continually attacked by Muslim militias, accompanied by foreign mujahedeen terrorists and members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard with the full knowledge and support of the Clinton White House and Germany, who, in collusion with Iran, successful sought to incite a response that would later receive international condemnation that led the way to NATO airstrikes.

The Muslim Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic explained, on more than one occasion, that he was told by then President Bill Clinton that if he could produce 5,000 dead Muslims at the hands of the Serbs in Sebrenica in Bosnia there would be U.S. military intervention against the Serbs.

Is the Arab Palestinian leadership  pursuing the same ends?  Clearly.  PLO/FATAH leader Mahmoud Abbas has already proposed NATO occupation of the disputed territories, yet enjoys support of the Left in the West just the same.