Iran / US-Iran Alliance

US-Iranian Axis | Grooming Iran to be an Indispensable Ally – just ask Chevron, Texaco, Conoco, and Exxon-Mobile

Biden - Iranian promoting relations

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that he is considering the possibility of collaborating with Iran in Iraq, stating “I wouldn’t rule out anything that would be constructive.” according to Yahoo News.

As Adara Press reported back in 2012, the emerging US – Iran military alliance rapidly taking shape in the context of the ISIS insurgency in Iraq, has been long in the making.  In many respects, it is not even new (Bill Clinton worked hand and glove with the Iranians to dismantle the former Yugoslavia).   What is new, however, is the move from covert cooperation to the overt establishment of relations with Iran.

Iran is being groomed as American’s indispensable ally in the region, destined to usurp the traditional allies the United States has maintained in the Middle East for decades.

Some of the political operatives who have pushed the hardest for openly formalizing the US-Iranian relations now hold some of the most senior positions in the Obama Administration.

Here’s what the current two-term U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden had to say back in 2002,

“I believe that an improved relationship with Iran is in the naked self-interest of the United States of America…”

Biden made this statement at a conference in D.C. held by the pro-Iranian lobby AIC and co-sponsored by Chevron, Texaco, Conoco and Exxon Mobile.

According to the Iran Press Service write-up, “The Truth About Iran”,

It was at this one-day conference that Senator Joseph Biden (D, DE) suggested a meeting between Iranian and American lawmakers.

“If there is any problem for them to come to Washington, we can meet somewhere else”, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee added.”

Guess who else spoke at this pro-Tehran conference? According to this same article, the current US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. And his thoughts on the subject?

“Senator Chuck Hagel (R, NE) gave a rambling keynote speech emphasizing the need for opening trade with Iran. When asked by Insight if he realised that the AIC was a pro-Tehran lobbying group, Hagel said”Hmpf” and walked off without further comment.”

Fast forward to 2008 and one finds another member of the present Obama Administration enthusiastically championing the cause: the current US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.

Given current events in Iraq, her thoughts in a 2008  Op-ed for Time magazine  entitled, “Rethinking Iran” are striking, particularly when one considers Obama was not yet in office,

“No aspect of the Iraq quagmire can be resolved without Iranian involvement…”

Power seems to have rightly understood that it would be difficult to “involve” Iran in Iraq-to groom it into an indispensable US ally – if US lawmakers continued pressing for sanctions and a military response to Iran’s nuclear buildup. Hence, she proposed,

“…we need to broaden the range of policy tools we draw upon. That means refraining from redundant reminders that military force is still “on the table,”….”

The present hell-on-earth scenario currently unleashed on the Iraqi people provides just the justification the White House needs.  Under the guise of helping stem the bloody tide of Islamic extremism in Iraq–unleashed with the aid of U.S. weaponry no less.  Iran is in the process of occupying Iraq with the approval of the Obama White House.

It seems U.S. forces defeated Saddam, not for the Iraqi people, but Iran.  Iraq has been handed to them. And every four star knows it.

All of which makes it even less surprising (if no less disturbing) that Brzezinski, a few years back, would go so far as to threaten a U.S. attack on Israeli fighters if they attempted to cross U.S. controlled Iraqi airspace to strike Iran’s nuclear installations.

But than, Iranian-Americans have been screaming their heads off for years about the brewing alliance between the fascist theocrats in Tehran and the Obama Administration as illustrated in this letter to Hillary:

The Honorable Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton,

On behalf of the Iranian-American community, I would like to express our outrage and disappointment on your decision to sponsor, Trita Parsi, President of National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), a known lobbyist for the Islamic Republic of Iran and currently under investigation for alleged embezzlement of federal funds, to speak and share his expertise on US-Iranian relations and Iranian politics in Saudi Arabia.

Trita Parsi is not even a U.S. Citizen who is sent by your department to represent America’s interests using tax payers’ money. Mr. Parsi is disliked by the majority of Iranian-American community and general consensus is that he is a “non-registered foreign agent” representing the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is shunned in Iranian-American circles…”

Iran now enjoys the crippling of international sanctions, the freedom to build up it’s nuclear arsenal, an open invitation to occupy Iraq militarily, and, best of all, a likely military alliance with the United States- not to mention the thanks of a grateful American nation for, well, helping out over there.

It may be June, but it’s Christmas in Tehran.