Al Qaeda’s Neo-Nazi Connections | William Grim
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Al Qaeda’s Neo-Nazi Connections | William Grim

“Another Swiss financier of neo-Nazi and Islamic terror is Ahmed Huber, (nee Albert Huber), a former journalist who converted to Islam. Swiss authorities raided Huber`s suburban home outside of Berne on November 8, 2001, when U.S. officials identified him as one of the chief financial operators for Al Qaeda. Huber had been very active with the Al Taqwa (literally “Fear of God“) international banking group, an Islamic terrorist front organization that had been funding the activities of Hamas and other Muslim extremists. According to a report released by Germany`s Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz (“Office for the Protection of the Constitution“), Huber “sees himself as a mediator between Islam and right-wing groups.“
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Part 2 –  Foes With Benefits: US-Iran-German arms policy in Bosnia and Croatia
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Part 2 – Foes With Benefits: US-Iran-German arms policy in Bosnia and Croatia

With the Holocaust Museum as a powerful backdrop and President Clinton waiting in the wings, a new narrative was being devised and assiduously propagated. Muslims were introduced to the world stage as the new persecuted Jews of Europe, helpless victims of racist persecution, tragically bereft of international support, facing certain annihilation at the hands of the Serbs, in desperate need of Western rescue in the form of military intervention. Continue reading