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Britain worried “ABOUT MORTUARY CAPACITY” reports The Sunday Times, prepares “FOR HIGH EXCESS DEATHS TO CONTINUE” this winter

Another buried lead.

These alarming details concerning insufficient “mortuary capacity” and “high excess deaths” in Britain were reported in The Sunday Times on September 4, 2022 under the headline:

“Police fear hard winter of surging crime and civil unrest”

According to article,

A leaked national strategy paper, drawn up by them this summer, has revealed they are increasingly concerned that “economic turmoil and financial instability” has “potential to drive increases in particular crime types”.

Scroll down several paragraphs and you discover it isn’t just economic desperation and crime that has British authorities concerned. It’s DEATH, as in EXCESS DEATHS that, they admit, are already occurring and are expected to continue at a rate such that they don’t know what they’re going to do with all the bodies–the corpses this winter. 

Emergency planners have also been preparing for high excess deaths to continue, with local authorities said to be worrying about mortuary capacity by February.

What is causing these excess deaths is never explained.  Why? 

Do not the British people deserve an answer?

US population to drop 70% by 2025

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