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Armenia submits to WEF, moves to outlaw CASH: All Major Transactions Must be Electronic (Digital)

This is why they are crashing the global economy, why each country is being taken down: Sri Lanka, Ghana, Armenia, Germany, England, Italy, Argentina… the United States.  This is why they need every person–man, women and child to submit to a digital “health” passport for “tracking and tracing”. But for the Global Predator Class of DAVOS, we are to be monitored, controlled, restricted, imprisoned, inventoried, scored, enslaved, punished, starved, dehumanized, and, as necessary, euthanized. 

They don’t like our numbers. We’re too many. Industrialization and scientific advances worked too well. Our numbers grew at a staggering rate, as has our strength.  

It’s their power we threaten, not the planet.

Armenia shows where this is heading.

Most major transactions in Armenia – buying a car or even a house – typically are conducted in cash, with buyers handing over a thick stack of bills, usually dollars.

But no more: Under a new law all big purchases will have to be made electronically, either through a mobile payment app or via a wire transfer at a bank.

And for now, at least, that will come with a steep fee: Banks charge between 1.5 and 3 percent for the transactions.

The law also prohibits local and central government bodies from making or taking any payments in cash. Some institutions like hospitals, universities, and notaries will go completely cashless. Pensions and salaries will have to be paid via banks – even pawnshop loans, as well. And transactions made illicitly in cash can be annulled.

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