Eugenics / MASS MURDER / The Great Famine / The Great Reset

George Bernard Shaw blamed capitalism for “overpopulation”

Progressive icon George Bernard Shaw wrote,

“Just consider the situation we are up against – an overpopulation problem created by capitalism, and are trying to get rid of it by substituting emigration. Socialists say quite truly that Socialism can get rid of it, and clergymen tell us that self-control can relieve it. But it cannot wait for Socialism, and people will not practice self-control.”

Is “The Green New Deal”, which is a move towards de-industrialization, really aimed at depopulation through famine, deprivation, and disease?  Our numbers terrify them.  Were we to awaken, globally, and organize, we would be insurmountable.  Hence the urgency surrounding the disease and death inducing injection, the attack on fossil fuel needed for industry, transportation, and agriculture, and the move towards digital IDs and the end of private property.   They need urgently to cripple any means of resistance, especially by limiting the sharing of information. 

They want us to be believe their genocidal, eugenics narrative, that population growth is bad. It’s not. The world benefits from our presence as does plant life and advances in science and technology. 

This scares them, and not because they care about the planet

Graph Human Population Timelime

Challenging the apocalyptic overpopulation narrative | Jordan Peterson interviews Marian Tupy

For decades, we have been inundated with information purporting to demonstrate that the apocalypse is if not upon us then certainly threatening to appear in the next few decades. In the 1960s, dire predictions of overpopulation and certain mass starvation by the year 2000 were commonplace. In the 1970s, it was the oil shock and the energy crisis. In the 1980s it was acid rain — and then came global warming, which morphed into climate change. This was all played out over a background of genuine thermonuclear threat. It’s no wonder we believed that ultimate catastrophe was looming. Surprising as it may seem, however, there is no shortage of reasons for holding the opposite viewpoint. The lives of most people, planet-wide, have dramatically improved in recent decades, extending a trend that began with the industrial revolution. In many important ways, things are looking better than they every have before. Dr. Marian Tupy and I discuss the macro-state of the world as outlined in his book Ten Global Trends. The ten trends identified and highlighted by Dr. Tupy are all associated with a large and important improvement in living standards for most of humanity, in rich and poor nations alike. Continue reading

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