Fascism / genocide

No Guns for Negroes [Video]


“No Guns for Negroes” is a documentary about the racist history of gun laws produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership(http://jfpo.org).

the politically correct view that a

disarmed black community is a safe

community is only safe for those who

seek control the black community went

from being disarmed being mistreated

being enslaved because of a lack of

access to God’s ultimately went to a

period of saying aha we have the right

to bear arms we’re going to make sure

it’s respected to a period where now the

gun is the main tool of maintenance of

the narco economy which is the only

economy in the african-american

community 400 years of injustice 400

years of being on the wrong side of the

gun it’s time for change

why is the gangbanger who has a Saturday

night special in his pocket given more

rights than the average everyday citizen

even though he was illegally armed he

has a right to defend himself and you

have not the ability to defend yourself

so if the law says that I can’t buy a

certain gun that if I can’t carry you

got a certain way I abide by that

because I’m Laura biting but the

criminals are the ones that carry buy

any type of guns that they want and are

empowered the basic right of every

American is the right to self-defense

take away that right and the individual

is powerless it’s not unusual for

America in its long history to this arm

or seek to disarm undesirable

populations gun control laws have kept

African Americans in their place for

hundreds of years

from the earliest days of slavery and up

until the mid-1800s

blatantly written gun control laws

prohibited slaves and freed slaves from

only fire with the passage of the Civil

Rights Act of 1866 african-americans

were given the right to bear arms but

new laws were written in such a way to

exclude blacks from purchasing guns the

greatest service the authorities can

render the city now is to disarm every

Negro searched every Negro house and

arrest everyone

inexpensive handguns were banned or high

taxes were imposed to keep guns out of

the financial reach of a mostly poor

black community there’s been various

statutes throughout every state that had

sizable african-american populations

after slavery to restrict through black

coats the ability for blacks to be armed

in 1941 Florida Supreme Court justice

Buford declared the original 1893

Florida gun control act was passed with

the purpose of disarming Negro laborers

the statute was never intended to be

applied to the white population

in the 1960s when armed blacks took to

the streets in the race riots in Los

Angeles Newark and Chicago the laws were

once again rewritten

in a futile attempt to curb the violence

Congress passed the 1968 Gun Control Act

public outcry for the restrictions of

guns after the assassinations of dr.

Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy

hid the true purpose of the legislation

it was Robert Jarrell riding on the 1968

legislation who stated that it was

really an attempt to restrict arms for

black people championed by Senator

Thomas Dodd and signed into law by

President Johnson the sixty-eight Gun

Control Act used shrewdly crafted

language to give the authorities control

to dictate who could and who could not

own a firearm and what types of firearms

Americans can own

Thomas died from Connecticut a

Connecticut Yankee goes the Library of

Congress and gets the actual gun act

that the Nazis had passed in 1938 and he

has it translated into English the 68

gun control act was written and in some

cases almost copied word-for-word

from the same laws the Nazis used in

1938 to control undesirable populations

in Hitler’s Germany both documents

categorize and restrict firearms to

certain individuals both documents are

based on racial fear and so they take

this document and they use it to draft

legislation to start requiring more

licensing and more constriction of the

right to keep and bear arms when I found

out what the restrictions were I was

very surprised each town each Police

Chief has the discretion of whether to

give a license or not there is just not

one set rule it seems that a lot of

black people and especially young black

men are held to a higher standard maybe

you have a drunk driving record and that

would be enough to disqualify you where

legally it’s not it’s not a felony

conviction whereas maybe somebody from

the suburbs that’s white and maybe from

a more influential family would have the

same exact record as you do but would

not be denied it’s kind of subtle


it seems unthinkable today that

legislation is still being written to

keep minorities in their place but it is

purchasing a firearm requires the

applicant to fill out a federal form to

verify their race restrictive gun laws

gun bans warrantless searches of public

housing and the confiscation of firearms

in major cities continue to deprive

minorities of their right to protect and

defend themselves violence is increasing

the number of gun related deaths is

increasing yearly so it should be rather

obvious that the guns clubs are not

working because things are not getting


they’re making one more loss and it’s

getting worse gun control has not worked

the federal government’s own Centers for

Disease Control can’t show conclusive

evidence that reducing guns reduces

violence yet these facts are dismissed

historically more guns in the hands of

decent law-abiding citizens has had the

opposite effect

in 1964 the desegregation of Jonesboro

Louisiana high school was threatened by

local authorities with fire hoses for

armed black men arrived with loaded

shotguns without firing a shot

the mob dispersed and the authorities

retreated the students entered the

school without incident

those men were members of the Deacons

for defense an armed citizens militia

founded in Jonesboro Louisiana the

Deacons were everyday citizens who by

1965 had organized into more than 50

chapters throughout the south in

self-defense from the Ku Klux Klan in

1964 down in Louisiana

there were all types of demonstrations

one by Freedom Riders many times the

demonstrations will be met by armed

white resistance people who were dying

and being shot and intimidated because

they were unarmed and basically because

they were unarmed they were also being

denied the right to vote the Deacons

protected civil rights workers for core

the Congress of racial equality who were

registering voters in Louisiana and

Mississippi they patrolled black

neighborhoods and protected black

churches where Cora was holding voting

rights seminars these were regular

everyday people they were not some

paramilitary group the thing that made

some difference is they were veterans

from the Korean War they were veterans

from World War two and so they did have

the training and they did have the

discipline they came from being veterans

once the Klansmen and the white citizen

consular and the deputy sheriff that was

wearing this sheet at night learned that

these Deacons for defense was shoot back

then they were not as readily willing to

go and pounce upon them in the wee hours

of the morning

because now they knew that well the

right to bear arms is providing

constitutional rights for these blacks

irrespective of the fact that we want to

take away their civil rights they’re

fighting on solid ground the

effectiveness of the Deacons in

deterring violence was so great that dr.

Martin Luther King and Floyd McKissick

of coure hired the Deacons to protect

the marchers from Klan aggression in the

1966 march against fear the very effect

of armed resistance in the name of civil

rights is what really cast a new

enthusiasm into the civil rights

movement at a critical time

when the right to bear arms is put in

the proper perspective historically then

people will see that the

african-american community having guns

to protect themselves

not from crooked cops and police

brutality but from the culture of drugs

and gangs because of a war going on

due to the narco economy and so until we

address why are these people armed why

are there shooting we’re not going to be

able to create an oasis of redevelopment

in the inner cities of America inner

city violence is directly related to the

black market for illegal drugs gangs and

drug dealers turf wars today’s war on

drugs like alcohol prohibition in the

1920s share many similarities back then

gangsters and bootleggers took to the

streets to protect their territories

homicide rates skyrocketed at the

beginning of Prohibition then took a

huge drop after its repeal homicide

rates again spiked in the early 1970s

when President Nixon declared America’s

war on drugs more than 35 years later

homicide rates in America’s inner cities

fluctuate but continued to peak we’ve

got to stop the demonization of guns

we’ve got to encourage law-abiding

citizens to arm themselves and then we

have to circulate that information

throughout the high crime areas

government published facts speak volumes

on the effectiveness of armed citizens

according to the US Bureau of Justice

Statistics 57% of polled felons agree

the criminals are more worried about

meeting and armed victim than they are

about running into the police and

according to the US Department of

Justice the probability of serious

injury to women during an attack is two

and a half times greater when they are

unarmed if women were able to freely

carry firearms there would be less

chance of somebody looking at them as a

victim it would be less crime committed

against women because a criminal would

would have to question is this woman

armed and according to the Bureau of

Justice Statistics 550 rapes and 1,100

murders are prevented every day just by

showing a gun we got to tell the other

side of the story about the hundreds of

thousands of times in America where guns

are used to stop violence and this type

of crime for being committed the police

out there to protect us they are there

to enforce laws and to arrest criminals

once they are criminals once they have

committed a crime

but they’re not our personal bodyguards

so I have to do that for myself no

matter how many gun control laws they

put into effect no matter how much they

try to restrict it even if they make it

illegal for anybody to own guns there’s

gonna be a black market community does

not get safer when the criminals are

told there’s no guns available on the

part of law-abiding citizens people are

gonna have access to firearms and the

ones that are going to have them are

gonna be the criminals that’s like an

open season for crime just like drugs

are illegal and it’s a booming business

history has a habit of repeating itself

now as it was back then politicians and

community leaders wrongly claimed less

guns means less violence now as it was

back then

politicians and community leaders

wrongly misguide the public in believing

that the police and not the community

can best provide protection even though

the Supreme Court has publicly stated

that state and local governments do not

have an obligation to protect citizens

from criminal armed guards our

convenient target that disingenuous

civil rights leaders and politicians

hide behind because they don’t want to

address the real problem which is why

are all the black Jews dropping out of

high school to get guns

gun control advocates Sarah Brady wife

of James Brady whose name is on the 1993

Brady Bill violence Protection Act

purchased her own son a high-powered

rifle I think they’re misguided and I

think it’s just it’s a hot issue we can

always get a bunch of politicians where

here’s the mayor here’s the ultimate

here’s the state Rep here’s the state

well here’s the president and said here

they’ll always come out to a press

conference where they can put on the 3rd

and the tie and insinuate that they’re

there to protect the children it

resonates with voters is something

that’s unquestionable in terms of its

merit and if something is patently wrong

in terms of the gun control issue

because God control does not protect the

children fact is a child up to the age

of 14 is four times more likely to drown

four times more likely to die in a fire

and 13 times more likely to die in an

auto collision than from a firearm

accident and that’s a message that has

to be driven home

what we’ve got to do is create a

solidarity for gun owners that are

across the political spectrum across the

racial spectrum I think that it’s high

time that blacks whites all Americans of

goodwill realized that the sacred right

to self-defense is at risk in America

during the next four years in an Obama

administration with Eric Holder going in

as Attorney General

why not because they’re bad people but

because their philosophy is such that

drying up the availability of guns will

create greater safety so I think that

what we’re looking for is not to be

found with gun control but can only be

found when citizens take it upon

themselves to protect themselves and

their property

for too long community leaders ministers

and politicians have failed to reject

the gun control lines

for too long african-americans have lost

control of our neighborhoods

for too long african-americans have been

denied the right to keep and bear arms

for too long

african-americans have been victims of

criminals drug dealers and dangerous gun

control policy

for too long african-americans have been

on the wrong side of the gun we have to

remain vigilant we have to challenge the

Congress when they try to bring about

these new gun control laws and we have

to educate the african-american

community and other communities in

America the racist roots of what God

control is really all about

I believe that productions like this

video provide a valuable tool for

average everyday Americans to get the

message out to their neighbors to the

people in the community to the people at

their church to the people at their

schools and to the elected officials

that set policy in their areas I think

it’s essential that this video is

downloaded copy email and in every

children ory in its social service group

that has a strong Lobby in the US

Congress I think that we should I

non-date all of these entities with

copies of this video and let them

respond to the merit of it based on the

facts and I think that then we can

create a forum nationwide where we can

keep the pressure on the public policy

setters to ensure that the Second

Amendment remains an institution for the

United States



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