Fascism / NATO / Nazis / Ukraine

Notice the NATO flag… IT’S. IN. YOUR. FACE.

azov nazis nato ukraine

Notice the NATO flag held together with the AZOV and NAZI flags

FBI Special Agent Scott J. Bierwirth said: “the Azov Battalion … is believed to have participated in training and radicalizing United States-based white supremacy organizations.”…

A 2021 report by the Military Academy West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center reinforced his point, stating that the Ukraine conflict “served as a powerful accelerator” for global white supremacy….

… those that want to hasten society’s collapse in order to remold it in their image — are also present in Ukraine. Continue reading


and from whom was the AZOV Battalion receiving training?


In the summer of 2015, retired Canadian Armed Forces Major Oksana Kuzyshyn was handed a unique assignment for a Ukrainian-Canadian: a 60-day stint in Ukraine helping the AZOV Battalion to acquire the necessary skills required to operate effectively with NATO forces, based on international NATO standards.  Her duties including instructing the officers on NATO army operations: lectures included tactics, staff organization, logistics, communications, procedures, air support and basic military skills.  Join us as Oksana shares the details of this experience with us at our March meeting. Continue reading


Meet some of the German Nazi War Criminals who came to lead NATO

“The most famous of them was Adolf Heusinger, chief of the Operationsabteilung from 1940-1944. He was actually Hitler’s chief of staff and helped plan the Nazi’s invasions of Poland, Norway, Denmark, and France. He was promoted to colonel on August 1, 1940 and became chief of the Operationsabteilung in October 1940, making him number three in the Army planning hierarchy.

After the war, this German war criminal, the man who helped Hitler plan and execute his invasion of neighboring countries which directly led to the deaths of millions of people, was not even put on trial, quite contrary he was allowed to take over the newly established West German army, the “Bundeswehr”.

In 1961, Heusinger was made the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (essentially he was NATO’s chief of staff). He served in that capacity until 1964.” Continue reading

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