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George Monbiot says farming should be ABOLISHED to save the planet: Climate change activist says meat can be replaced with lab-grown food like protein pancakes

Guardian columnist George Monbiot isn’t really against farming.  He’s against you…living. 

Scratch an environmentalist, a climate activist and what you’ll find is a eugenicist, as in someone who wants YOU DEAD, ideally before you have a chance to reproduce…hence the unrelenting drive to inject young children with a highly lethal biochemical agent, rebranded a vaccine.

Monbiot and people like him are nothing more than loyal foot soldiers, propagandists of the elite who are finding our numbers wholly unmanageable, given they are the rightful heirs to planet Earth…unlike you.

To them, we are nothing more than an infestation, vermin…to be eradicated… as Prince Phillip explained, one way or another:

Prince phillip outside buckingham palace

“Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We’re in for a major disaster if it isn’t curbed… We have no option. If it isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.” ― Philip, Duke of Edinburgh[1]

What better way to cause mass starvation than to outlaw farming…to, you know, save the planet…


George Monbiot says farming should be ABOLISHED to save the planet: Climate change activist says meat can be replaced with lab-grown food like protein pancakes

  • Guardian columnist George Monbiot made the claims in his new book Regenesis
  • He described livestock farming as ‘phenomenally profligate way’ to make food
  • He suggested the world could turn to bacteria based foods for protein instead
  • But farmers have hit back at the suggestion accusing writer of ‘anti-rural agenda’

Environmental campaigner George Monbiot has claimed farming should be abolished because meat can be replaced with food made out of lab-grown bacteria.

Writing in his latest book, the Guardian columnist said the world must do away with meat and dairy production because it is a ‘phenomenally profligate’ way to produce food.

The writer, who describes farming as the ‘most destructive force ever to have been unleashed by humans’, argues meat producers will not be able to sustainably keep up with the increase in global food demand. […]


Celebrity farmer and occasional BBC host Gareth Wyn Jones also took aim at Mr Monbiot’s comments.

Mr Wyn Jones, whose family have run a hill farm on the Carneddau mountain range in North Wales for more than 375 years, told MailOnline: ‘George thinks we can produce enough food from gloop pulled up from bacteria in the soil. I think he’s totally wrong.

‘I respect George, he is an intelligent person, but he has spent his whole life trying to destroy indigenous people – and that’s what farmers like me are –producing food across the UK.

Mr Wyn Jones, whose farm is organic and focuses on regenerative agriculture, added: ‘These are indigenous people who have been working these lands for generations in an environmentally friendly way.

Food produced from ‘thin air’ – literally: How bacteria could be the food of the future 

Scientists in Helsinki are hoping to create a new meat-free alternative using bacteria and ‘thin air’ – literally.

The Finnish scientists hope to use a type of bacteria found in soil to create or enhance food to make it rich with protein.

The process involves obtaining microbial protein (also referred to as single cell protein) obtained by growing proprietary bacteria harvested from nature.

That bacteria will be be fed hydrogen, which in itself will be split from water (H20) by electricity.

It is hoped that if the electricity comes from solar or wind power, the bacteria can be grown with near-zero greenhouse gas emissions – also helping to tackle global warming.

The end product will be a protein flour – named Solein after its makers Solar Foods.

This will be used to reinforce foods such as pies, ice cream, biscuits, pasta, noodles, sauces or bread. 

The protein flour could also nourish cattle to save them eating soya raised on rainforest land.

In 2020, Solar received 5.5million Euros in investment to expand its business.

In that same year George Monbiot praised the technology behind the scheme, as part of a documentary, Apocalypse Cow.

He said at the time: ‘Farmfree food creates astonishing possibilities to save both people and planet.

‘By temporarily shifting towards a plant-based diet, we can help buy the time to save species and places.’

Last year the firm received nearly 25 million euros ($30 million) in government and private funding to commercialise Solein. 

Solar Foods aims to introduce the product to the market in early 2023 and is applying for novel food approval globally.

Meanwhile, other meat-free alternatives are also being pushed, including lab-grown meat, eating insects and turning to fungi-based products.

Study: Meat Consumption is Positively Associated with Life Expectancy….must be why the World Economic Forum and the EU want us to eat bugs

The researchers found that the consumption of energy from carbohydrate crops (grains and tubers) does not lead to greater life expectancy, and that total meat consumption correlates to greater life expectancy, independent of the competing effects of total calories intake, economic affluence, urban advantages, and obesity. Continue reading


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