Canada / Covid-19 / Eugenics / Fascism / genocide / Holocaust / MASS MURDER / The Great Reset

AMAZING Trucker tells it like it is. Listen like YOUR LIFE depends on it because it just might

“We’re trying to save you from killing yourself. Or at least not make us join you on your Jones Town lemonade drinking trip” ~ Canadian Trucker


If you’re an officer of the law or a soldier, and you’re enforcing these criminal mandates and participating in crushing the Trucker protest, you are no better than a guard at Dachau.  If you are a teacher, nurse, or doctor pressuring parents to inject their children with this lethal, UNAPPROVED biochemical cocktail, you are committing crimes against humanity.  If you are a school superintendent looking to tap into federal money by forcing children to mask while using public school property and resources to inject children with this dangerous experimental agent in violation of the Nuremberg Code, you are complicit and CULPABLE. 

Just following orders is NO DEFENSE.

Now is the time to step away, provide evidence to the prosecution, and stand with humanity. 

And remember this. The ruling elites see you as an expendable liability.  They will let you fry just as sure as the sun sets.  You mean nothing to them. Not a thing. 

It’s time.

Nuremberg code image

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