Canada / Eugenics / Fascism / genocide / Holocaust / MASS MURDER / The Great Reset / World Economic Forum

FEARLESS CANADIAN FARMERS break through Trudeau’s FASCIST POLICE barricades to support TRUCKER FREEDOM PROTEST at the Border!

If you are law enforcement or armed services enforcing these illegal mandates, you are supporting a campaign of extermination, of mass murder.  These injections are killing people, BY THE THOUSANDS. THE DATA IS IN. The numbers are staggering.  Children are now dropping dead of heart attacks. YOUNG CHILDREN.  At this point, you are no better than a guard in Auschwitz.  These are crimes against humanity.  Be sure. The ruling ‘elites’ issuing the orders you are dutifully following, want you dead too.   These brave truckers and farmers RESPECT YOU.  They’re fighting for YOUR RIGHTS and the defense of YOUR FAMILIES, YOUR CHILDREN, and their FUTURE.  Not Trudeau.  Not Gates.  Not Biden. Not the Queen and her creepy heirs. Not the World Economic Forum.  They’ve been open about it. They think you should have own nothing, and eat insects.  Do you really think they give a crap about you?  Like f-cking hell.  You might as well put a noose around your own neck.

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