Eugenics / Fascism / genocide / The Great Reset / Transhumanism

“ALL OF YOU ARE HERE BY MISTAKE. You were not designed.” | Dr. José Luis Cordeiro | Transhumanism and the Middle Kingdom (CHINA)

“But I want you to think about a new view of the world.  Because China is really the middle kingdom. If you look at the characters of China, it really has two characters.  The first one means center. The second one means kingdom. China means the middle kingdom; the center of the world. And let me tell you, sadly.  You are a part of the last non-designed generation.    All of you are here by mistake. You were not designed. In the future, we will be designed.”   ~  José Luis Cordeiro


José Luis Cordeiro is an engineereconomistfuturist, and transhumanist, propagating ideology in European politics.

He views nano, bio, info, and cogno (NBIC) as being the four main technologies that “are pushing mankind into the post-human age”, and he predicts that “death will be optional by 2045”.

Jose wrote The Great TabooConstitutions Around the World: A Comparative View from Latin America, and (in Spanish) El Desafio Latinoamericano (“The Latin American challenge”) and La Muerte de la Muerte (“The death of death”).

Cordeiro coined the term ‘Energularity’ to refer to “Energy industry’s shift from fossil fuels to solar, wind, geothermal or fusion”.

Details – excerpt

“The transhumanist movement cannot afford to lock its focus on the development of anti-aging therapies, AI and other neural technologies at the expense of ignoring the possible social disruption and economic turmoil brought about by climate change.

The project aims to focus on areas most likely to be severely distressed by global warming and employ social engineering and moral enhancement to biologically re-dispose human beings to become better at long term thinking, empathy and pacifism and prevent humanity from causing its own destruction due to climate change, nuclear war, or biological warfare.

Something as straightforward as the widespread distribution of anti-anxiety and anti-aggression neurotransmitters alongside CBT in conflict-prone, high-tension areas has the potential to prevent hundreds of rapes, murders and riots.”

Benny Thomas FacebookFacebook Executive Reveals Chan-Zuckerberg “Eugenics” Initiative — and the threat AI poses to humanity…. “It’s a fright. It’s Eugenics. I don’t know anyway to stop it.” *** “HUMANS ARE EXPENDABLE” ***

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