Klaus Schwab Discusses Implanted Microchips in 2016 Interview with Swiss Television Channel RTS

Schwab as publisher of the World Economic Forum’s 2010 “Global Redesign” report postulates that a globalized world is best managed by a coalition of multinational corporations, governments (including through the UN system) and select civil society organizations (CSOs).[29] It argues that governments no longer are “the overwhelmingly dominant actors on the world stage” and that “the time has come for a new stakeholder paradigm of international governance”. The WEF’s vision includes a “public-private” UN, in which certain specialized agencies would operate under joint State and non-State governance systems.[30]

According to the Transnational Institute (TNI), the Forum is hence planning to replace a recognised democratic model with a model where a self-selected group of “stakeholders” make decisions on behalf of the people.[31] The think tank summarises that we are increasingly entering a world where gatherings such as Davos are “a silent global coup d’etat” to capture governance.[32]


Take a moment, pause, and look closely into this man’s eyes.  Ask yourself, does this man care about you.  Does he care about any person? Yet he, and others like him, are determining the fate of all humanity, the world.  He, and his cohorts, have found the means to imprison people, whole cities, millions upon millions, in their own homes. Right now their methods are crude and brutal. They mean to deploy a system far more sophisticated, comprehensive, that eliminates the threat of resistance, that reduces, even eliminates the need for police enforcement. They have within their grasp the means to switch you off like a light. No more gas chambers and firing squads. Termination, extermination, will be remote. Surviving family members will wake in the mornings, to find that those that they cherish, those they love, cold and dead in their beds.

Facebook Executive Reveals Chan-Zuckerberg “Eugenics” Initiative — and the threat AI poses to humanity…. “It’s a fright. It’s Eugenics. I don’t know anyway to stop it.”

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