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***DEVASTATING*** Pathologist Report: “The spike is the toxin…this isn’t a vaccine”

“The spike induced the same disease as Covid-19 induced. The same lung disease. The same vascular disease. The same heart disease. The same brain disease. So again, why are we injecting something into the human body that is the toxin? It is the toxin. It causes the disease.

This isn’t a vaccine…

Why in the world would we put a toxin into the human body that’s going to disrupt the blood vessels in your brain and allow the spike in there?”

  ~ Ryan Cole MD, Pathologist

Heartbreaking comment:


I received this message on Facebook this morning from a relative who works in a hospital. I’m pretty positive she took the vaccine early on. She is very very sick. Mid 50s… Extremely healthy person: QUOTE My wife “is very sick. I took her to the ER on Tuesday because she was confused and lethargic. We were sent home after a couple thousand Mls of IV. Yesterday she was worse again, so I brought her back. After several tests, we have an answer. She has the herpes simplex virus 1, viral meningitis and encephalitis. Bacterial meningitis was negative, which is worse. This is still scary, and is what is affecting her thought process, causing some confusion, a fever, and fatigue. She will need to be in the hospital a few days, 3 weeks of IV antibiotics, and antiviral meds. Caught it early, which is good. Doctors are hoping for a full recovery. The virus most likely has been in her system a long time, and something triggered it like stress, or being sick, which she has been. A brain virus is nothing to mess with!” END QUOTE I will be praying for this family and hoping they can figure out that this is most likely due to the vaccination and ADE. [show less]

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