Anti-Semitism / ANTIFA / BLACK LIVES MATTER / Fascism / Muslim Brotherhood

Inside Black Lives Matter: A BLM Expose “Yes, you gotta have violence.” VIDEO

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“I embedded with Black Lives Matter for a year and exposed their true agenda”

Adolf Hitler hoped Henry Ford would become the fascist leader of the United States.  That effort was premature.  Today, Ford, joined by a myriad of other powerful corporations are swiftly realizing a fascist remaking of the United States using Black Lives Matter militias to destabilize and dismantle the United States. Their tactics are riots, looting, and the systemic destruction of American history, education, laws, local law enforcement, the courts, biological sex, human reproduction–even language.   It is a full on assault on human consciousness, on what it is to be.

The United States is on the brink.  It is teetering.  The current regime is doing all it can to accelerate the process.

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