Covid-19 / Eugenics / Fascism / genocide

“suppression is of physicians” is “sinister” — Renowned Pathologist: Myocarditis Diagnoses Should Halt Covid Vaccine (Interview)


Boosters for Variants

Dr. Roger Hodkinson laughed off the idea of “boosters.” There is no need for the vaccine in the first place, he said, but there is certainly no need for “boosters” for so-called “variants.” Referring to mutant strains as a “scare tactic,” the pathologist said, “we should be building herd immunity the natural way.” “These mutants are nothing to fear,” he said. “Absolutely not,” he emphasized.

Referring to vaccines, Dr. Hodkinson said: “The whole thing should be stopped in it’s tracks tonight. For everyone. Older people included.”

The ‘Sinister’ Suppression of Physicians

Dr. Roger Hodkinson makes it clear that physicians are under incredible pressure to keep their mouths shut or lose their livelihoods. “In my profession, the colleges petrify individual physicians. I’m using that word advisedly. Petrify,” he warned. “Because at the click of a finger, you can lose your livelihood, and it’s almost impossible to get it back. And it will bankrupt you…”

The physician continued to powerfully place blame on anyone who is silent but knows better:

“So, are physicians culpable by being silent because their careers are on the line? Sadly they are. Anyone that’s knowledgeable about this condition and chooses to go with the flow that they know is wrong is culpable in the consequences. Whether its’ physicians, whether its’ church leaders who are hiding behind their pulpits and should be standing up to lead their flock, whether its’ Minsters of Health, medical officers of health, who know damn well that this is unsafe – they’re all culpable! The media is culpable. The Prime Minister is culpable by bribing the media into silence. The leaders of political parties are culpable….”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson stressed that the “suppression is of physicians” is “sinister” and referenced a horrific statement by Canada’s College of Physicians & Surgeons.

Doctors were told that they might “face an investigation” if they are found to be spreading disinformation. The particularly egregious thing about this warning, Hodkinson explained, is that the measures being taken ostensibly to thwart the spread of Covid-19 are “arbitrary” and not based in science.

“They’re all totally arbitrary [coronavirus mandates] with no consensus in clinical medicine that they are effective,” he said.

Watch the powerful RAIR interview:

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