Covid-19 / Eugenics / genocide

San Francisco issues Order that children as young as 12 can “consent” to Covid-19 injections without their parent’s knowledge

San Francisco Acting Health Officer Susan Philip says that the new Order,  “allows minors in the City and County of San Francisco who are 12 years old or older to consent to receive any vaccine against COVID-19 that has been authorized by the FDA (whether authorized on an emergency use basis or fully approved) for receipt by someone who is the age of that minor.” 

Covid-19 vax teens proud to volunteer

On page 3 of the Order it states:

The intent of this Order is to allow minors 12 years of age and older who desire to receive, and are otherwise eligible to to receive, a COVID-19 vaccine, even if they lack the consent of a person who is legally authorized to make healthcare decisions for the minor, such as a parent or guardian. “

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