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Interesting reflections from a Romanian Jew….”Since when have NYC so called socialist “progressives” became so openly fascist?”


Since when have NYC so called socialist “progressives” became so openly fascist?
Fascia=brunch of a tree in italian. Very few people know that Mussolini started his political life as a marxist. Not beeing able to attract to many workers on the marxist movement he decided to change the label and call his movement right wing fascism, meaning a pure brunch exctract of the exploited, underpriviledged poor italian of the early twenties of last century.
In Germany post Weimar Republic Goebels tried to convince Hitler to attract the comunist to unite with the Nazis in order to increase the political power of paupers of post WW1 defeted Germany. Hitler did not want it. First because he hated the jews who in his mind brought comunism to the world and second because he preferred to attract the german corporatists who would give him the chance of rearming and conquer the european countries (GB, France) that impose so heavy war reparations on Germany. Would there had been possible a unification of forces between comunists and nazis at the beggining of Hitler political life? My answer would be a big YES if Hitler would have been less vocal about his hatred of jews or if he would have shown his hatred only towards the rich jews of Germany. The good poor german for sure would have “tolerated” such a union. The entusiasm for Hitler Nazi party would have been double up at the voting boot. In fact the manipulator propaganda guru Goebles got it right. Comunists and nazis had the same propaganda about the “new men” as the superior skilled german worker who deserve to be the leader of reconstructed Germany and Europe ultimately. The comunists in Russia and later in the soviet block all were indoctrinated for decades the “good” russians, poles, checkoslovakians, hungarians, romanians, bulgarians, about the leading role of the superior “new man” as an extract from the proletariat. When I came to the USA 36 years ago with very limited english language skils I was taken to the university of Boulder, Co for a 2 hour conversation with the students who express an interest of questioning a newcomer from the comunist Romania. People warned me that most of the students come from very well to do families all over usa and most of them are in love with marxism. Sincerely I was shocked especially when I realized that these bright kids would be the leaders of tonorrow USA power ellite. Talking to them about the Ceausescu atrocious regime was like talking to a wall. Then I asked my romanian friend who arranged for this meeting how come these keeds were so extremist left wing in such a capitalist country as usa of the mid eighties? (My friend came to USA in the mid sixties, extracted by usa after he did prison time as an enamy of the comunist regime for wanting to cross the border and join the hungarian uprising against the soviets in 1956. He was jewish and an embarassment to the comunist jews of Romania during dictator Dej time. By the time I arrived in the usa he was already a paper millionair by investing in real estate). His answer shocked me even more. “The average american is not preocupied with politics more then every 4 years. If these smart keeds can be so indoctrinated in fascist marxism or ultra right fascist nazism, imagine what they could do as power elite 30 years from now in manipulating the amorf undereducated on purpose population. The worse thing could happen to this country would be in 30 years when these kids would become cinics and narcisists thirsty of power because they wuold have already by then inherited their rich fathers. They would unite as gods of the upper class “power ellite” and their youth fascism left or right would be only a tool for manipulation technique of the the poor uneducated deplorables average american. Then they could decide who lives and who must be killed to serve their only purpose in life. Hold the levels on power”. I rember asking him. “Are you telling me that the good american men who fought dictatorial criminal nazis would accept fascist dictators left or right on this land?” “My friend good americans are not different then good germans”. At the end of the day if the middle class is distroyed the jews would be again blamed and the poor jews would be again killed. Not the rich jews. The poor jews would pay again and again and again as they paid with their lives in nazis time”.
Here we are 30 years later. Let’s see how the good american will behave under the dictatorship of the great reset installed by the union fascist left and right of the power ellite.