Pernicious Ideas, Catastrophic Consequences | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter: White Fragility is “one of the worst books ever written”


“That is one of the worst books ever written…what bothers me is that everybody’s reading this now…many white people I know.” ~ John McWhorter

“if you don’t have the confidence of your civilization, of your order…if you don’t believe in it at some level…if the widespread presupposition is that it’s illegitimate…if it’s myths are no longer even mildly resonant with anything in your heart, if the values to which it purports to be committed are all thought to be hypocrisy, how can it survive?… No one will metaphorically fight and die for a republic which is thought of in such a matter. So you could be seeing it, the early signs of the end times for the Republic which is the United States of America…” ~ Glenn Loury

John: White Fragility is “one of the worst books ever written” 0:47
Debating how we should remember Woodrow Wilson 5:37
Glenn: Our story is about more than just domination and oppression 11:02
On being a dissident black academic 20:01
Why John resigned from the board of the National Books Critics Circle 38:15
Should John and Glenn fear defenestration by the mob? 41:26
Glenn Loury (Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University) and John McWhorter (Columbia University, Lexicon Valley, The Atlantic)
Recorded July 2, 2020
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