Freedom of Speech / Islam

Freedom of Speech | Hamed Abdel Samad, Political Scientist and Author

“What should they do with with somebody like me who was learning the Koran since he was three years old. Who speaks perfect Arabic. Who has a father who was an imam. And, who spent, basically spent most of his life studying this book and trying to understand it. ”

“Why should a writer be sitting in front state attorney to justify his opinion about an historic figure…. I’m calling for equality, equality of every human being in rights and in duties. If you have the same rights, if you can citicise Jesus and Moses or any other figure, if we can have a movie like “Life of Brian” which is a wonderful movie than we should be have a comedy about Muhammed…But this equality between human beings doesn’t mean automatically equality among all cultures…Human beings are equal but cultures are not equal. There are death cults; you cannot equate them with a culture that respects human life and human rights.”  – Hamed Abdel Samad, Political Scientist and Author

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