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Nazi War Criminals Appointed to Gov’t by Supreme West German Administrative Court after WWII – Berlin, March 1963 (partial)

Hans Globke

Portraitaufnahmen von Staatssekretär Globke

Ever wonder what happened to all those German SS officers and fascist murderers?   

The answer, in part, can be found here in the following report published in Berlin in 1963. Instead of punishment and imprisonment,  Nazi war criminals received privileged, powerful appointments to the German Courts, where they were empowered by the West German federal government to do still more harm to their victims. 

So much for German “denazification”.  



Fascist Murderers and SS Criminals in the Supreme West German Administrative Court



At a widely noted international press conference on 21 March 1963 Professor Albert Norden, member of the Political Bureau of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany and member of the Presidium of the National Council of the National Front of Democratic Germany, made  public sensational documentary material which seriously incriminates the highest West German Administrative Court judges.

This supreme West German Federal Administrative Court, which functions illegally in West Berlin, is honey combed with fascist murderers and SS criminals appointed by the West German federal minsters of the interior.

A few months ago, when the trial opened against the Association of Victims of Nazi Persecution (VVN) in this court, a Swiss newspaper published the statement that 40 out of 48 of the Federal Administrative Court judges were former members of Hitler’s NSDAP – The Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party (the nazi party – editor).  The present documentary report sets out to prove that at least 26 of these 40 nazi jurists are seriously incriminated.

Many of them had worked together in the past with Globke, the commentator of the fascist racial laws and present state secretary in the Adenauer cabinet.  They are old acquaintances from former nazi offices from the time of their activities in the occupied countries of Europe.

We publish in this report extracts from the documentation issued by the Committee for German Unity in order to draw world attention to the danger about to be conjured up once again by the destroyers of the German nation.

Berlin, March 1963

In the Service of the Nazis since 1926

Professor Fritz WERNER

Today:        Provincial Court Judge and President of the First Senate

Formerly:  Provincial Court Judge, and commentator on nazi “law” […]

Professor Werner is president of the most important political Senate, which handles cases to ban democratic organizations. This Senate created a public uproar when, at the end of November 1962, it arrogated to itself the right to proceed against the Association of Victim of Nazi Persecution.

The beginning of Werner’s nazi career dates back to the days before Hitler came to power.  In his hand-written biography dated 15 August 1934 he wrote:

“As I was dissatisfied with commercial work I gave up my post in the summer of 1926 and devoted myself full time to the Association for Germandom Abroad (VDA), with which I had already been associated before. I was employed as business manager of the provincial VDA organization in Pomerania.”

After this service for the precursor of the notorious fascist fifth column, Werner turned to academic study.  The above cited biography contains the following statement in regard to his choice of faculty:

“I decided to study law, because this appeared to me the key to the specific problems which had interested me, in particular since the beginning of my work in the VDA.”

A questionnaire dated 2 April 1936 contained the following hand-written note:

“Member of SA (Hitler’s brown-shirted gangsters – editor) since autumn 1933.”

Nazi state glorified

In 1934 Werner wrote his thesis entitled:  “Tariff Agreement and Tariff Regulations”, where he expressed unreserved support of the ideology of the nazi German Labour Front, openly approving of the destruction of labour law in the spirit of the fascist claims to total power. […]

Internment in concentration camps recommended

In his article Werner appears as a worshipper of the nazi “penal theory” of the “typical offender”, which stamped the ill as saboteur, the hungry who took a piece of bread as “wrongdoers against the people”. He proposed:

“A fine will as a rule not be appropriate punishment in the cases brought before he criminal judge. Nor will prison sentences always be the suitable means… Is should therefore be considered that saboteurs unwilling to work and notorious idlers who refuse to be cured of the inclinations even by the Compulsory Service Regulations should be sent to a workhouse.”

Result – death sentences

The following examples will demonstrate how Werner’s theses developed as early as 1940 were applied in practice:

On 19 May 1944 the special court in Prague presided over by Dr. Bellman – until recently chief judge of the Hanover provincial court – pronounced a death sentence on the charge of “sabotage” against a Czechoslovak citizen Josef Fligr.  He was accused of having “chopped off a part of one of his fingers with intent to evade compulsory labour service “i.e., forced deportation in Germany in violation of international law. The public prosecutor in these proceedings was Rhode, the present government director in the Ministry of Justice of Schleswig – Holstein.

The special court in Konigsberg sentenced the French slave labourer Andre Veyrat to death on the charge of “sabotage” on 21 May 1943 for allegedly having strewn sand in railway sockets.  The prosecution judges included the present District Judge Romantzek of Konigshofen im Grabfeld.  The accusation was based solely upon the statement of a “thoroughly examined” half blind witness.  An investigation did not take place.


A Murderer Passes Judgment on the VVN


Today:  Federal Judge in the First Senate

Formerly:  Provincial Judge in fascist occupied Czechosolovakia and Poland

The monstrosity of the legal proceedings against the VVN becomes particularly apparent in light of the personality of Eugen Hering. Here is the murderer of innocent Polish citizens as “judge” in proceedings against the victims of Nazism.  As provincial judge of Zywiec in Poland, Hering set up a reign of terror founded on blood and tears.

In the year the Nazis seized power Eugen Hering had already joined the nazi party under No. 2,594, 207He was an SS member in SS storm troop unit 6/59 and employed as an official in the legal department of the 19th SS Standard.  […]

Present at Executions

On 2 April 1942, eleven Polish citizens, including 16-year-old Henryk Blaszcyniski, a messenger in Hering’s office, were executed on the market square of Zywiec. Several inhabitants of the town testified that Hering personally appeared on the site of the execution to which the Polish inhabitants had been driven.  The brother of one of those hanged, 68-year-old L. Kudzia of Zywiec, stated the following on 5 December 1962 :

“The last time I saw my brother with my own eyes in Zywiec was when the Germans brought him to be executed on the market square on 2 April 1942…. Provincial Counsellor Hering was present at the execution of my brother Czeslaw.”

Mrs. Maria Przybysz, the aunt of 16-year-old Henryk Blaszyniski murdered by the Germans made the following statement on 5 December 1961 :

“On 2 April 1942 the Germans set up a gallows on the market square at Zywiec and then they began driving the inhabitants of the town by force to watch the executions… I was there as well… Provincial Counsellor Hering was walking around the gallows and ordered to place the rope around their own necks.  Because my nephew was small, he was unable to do it himself and some German policemen, who like Hering himself stood nearby, did it for him…” […]

Order for the Operations against the Italian People

Ernst Friedrich LULLIES

Today:   Federal Judge in the First Senate

Formerly:  Senior Government Counsellor in the nazi administration […]

Lullies, also called to pass “judgement” on the VVN, was a loyal follower of Hitler just as his colleagues Werner and Hering.  The climax of his nazi career was an order to start operations against the Italian people from the “SS – Reichsfuhrer”.

Before the Nazis seized power Lullies had to content himself for ten years with the post of a junior barrister and assistant judge. Since 1921, however, he had belonged to reactionary militarist associations, where he was active in the spirit of the Nazis.  […]

… with Globke against the Italian people

In September 1943 the nazi Reich Ministry of Interior proposed that the “Reichsfuhrer SS” employ Lullies, together with Dr. Knost, commentator of Globke’s anti-Jewish laws and at present government president of Brunswick, as wel as with Schranz, German Party (DP) member of the Bundestag up to 1961, at that time mayor of Offenbach, in operations against the Italian people.  The planned crime, organized and conducted under the name “Operation South”, was intended to beat down the growing anti-fascist movement among the Italian population.  Only the most reliable Nazis were selected for this special operation. Lullies was one of them. The strings of the “Operation South”, the crime planned against the Italian people, were held in the nazi Ministry of the Interior by the present State Secretary Globke in the Office of the Federal Chancellor in Bonn. This is clearly proved by a document dated 2 December 1943, presented to the world public by the Committee for German Unity in its publication on Globke, the Bureaucrat of Death, on page 233.

The twice “indispensable” nazi hero Lullies preferred to expose his life to no serious danger ; at the time of the ultimate defeat of the fascist terror regime he was well sheltered in the “Old Reich”.

Faithful to the “Fuhrer” until the very end

Even on 10 January 1945 Lullies still believed in the example and “final victory” of his “Fuhrer”.  He wanted to serve the Nazis as mayor of the town of Aschersleben.  The fascist Ministry of Interior supported the demand of is servant, but offered him the town of Regensburg.  It was not Lullies fault that the office of a nazi mayor could no longer be entrusted to him.  He remained faithful to the Hitler Reich up to the bitter end, as a sworn adherent of fascism.  That is why the Adenauer state and Globke took good care that he received an adequate compensation and further employment.

With the SS against the Norwegian People


Today :  Federal Judge in Second Senate

Formerly : Deputy Chief of Police Katowice; Senior Government Counsellor of the SS and police headquarters in Nikolayev (Reich Commissariat Ukraine) and head of the central department of the Reich commissariat for the occupied regions of Norway in Oslo

The career of fascist Weber-Lortsch predestines him for his present activities in the Federal Administrative Court.  The steep rise in his career may be ascribed to his “national socialist reliability”.

Even as far back as 1935 he had enjoyed the great confidence of his nazi party as assistant judge, after having joined the party as No. 3,217,735 soon after the nazies had seized power.  On 26 September 1933 he joined the SA and served Hitler’s bludgeon guard as senior troop leader.  […]

Accountant of death in the Soviet Union…

His outstanding activity in the spirit of fascist war criminals made Weber-Lortsch appear suited to greater tasks.  In January 1942 he was transferred to the post of SS and police chief and commander of the security police in Nikolayev (Reich Commissariat Ukraine).

Himmler’s  murder squad followed with an evaluation by its former chief of police which was subsequently written down on 15 December 1942 :

“Senior Government Counsellor Weber-Lortsch…will also be very effective, in my opinion, in a bigger and more difficult field of activity.”

Weber-Lortsch’s activity in the “administrative police” duties included the exact registration of the number of murdered persons who fell victim to the pacification “actions of the fascist police” and SS authorities.

and in Norway

This task, too, was fulfilled by Weber-Lortsch to the greatest satisfaction of the nazi hangmen, for they sent him in the same year to Oslo to the “senior SS and police leader” to hold down the Norwegian people.

Shortly before the Nazis had also sent to Norway the notorious race-fanatic, SS judge and SS Sturmbannfuhrer Schiedermair who, until September 1962, was permitted to hold office as administrative court president in Wursburg.

The intensified extermination of Norwegian Jews therefore took place during the time of their stay in nazi-occupied Norway.  Thus during the month of November 1942 nearly 700 out of the 1,700 Jewish citizens of Norway were deported to the death camp at Auschwitz.

“For special reasons, I am able only today to report that a ship transport of about 700 to 900 male and female Jews of every age will be arranged from Oslo to Stettin on 26 November 1942…The Jews are to be taken to Auschwitz.”

(From a secret telegram of SS Sturmbannfuhrer Reinhardt in Oslo to Gestapo headquarters in Stettin, dated 25 November 1942)

As a result of strong indignation and protests by the world public after the revelation of his crime by the Committee for German Unity, Schiedermair had to be suspended from duty by the Bonn government.

Note: much more to come




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