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Belgrad – Belgrade – Beograd 1941 – Under German Occupation – Rare film footage [4:08]

Youtube notes:

Filmaufnahmen aus dem zerstörten Belgrad, gedreht von einem deutschen Soldaten auf dem sog. Balkan-Feldzug.

Unique historic footage from Belgrade during wwII filmed by a german “occupational” soldier. We see streetscenes, demolition and war damage caused by german airraids.

German soldiers guard prisoners of war working in the rubble.

Damaged buildings, german authorities official public announcements in the streets.

One is about sniper attacks on german soldiers. The Commander of the German Wehrmacht declares that in case of further attacks, hostages would be taken and killed.

The second poster is an announcement by the Chief of the task force, security police and the S.D. in Belgrade: “On April 19th at 8 O clock, all Jews have to register personally at the municipal police …. Jews who won´t follow that command, will be shot.”

Damaged buildings and damaged bridge at danube river.

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“the greatest rescue of American lives from behind enemy lines in history”…How Serbs saved the lives of 500+ American airmen in WWII | Richard L. Felman, Major USAF (Ret), President National Committee of American Airmen