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US Bombers arrive in Macedonia ahead of U.S. – backed Albanian – ISIS Offensive against Serbian Christians in Kosovo

Macedonia - central Europe - Map

Ostensibly these American bombers are being brought in for NATO exercises.  Many see it as an implied threat of  war against the Serbian people should they act to defend the Serbian Christian enclaves in the province of Kosovo from a planned attack by the US backed Albanian military and ethnic Albanian ISIS fighters who recently returned from Syria.  This offensive is planned ahead of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Pristina in June.


The NATO “exercises” will include nations surrounding Serbia: Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.  The intent seems obvious: To once more isolate the tiny Christian Orthodox nation in the heart of Europe in collusion with Islamic terrorists, just as Bill Clinton did in 1993 and 1999 when he illegally declared war on the Serbian people.

Washington – President Trump – has boasted ISIS was defeated in Syria. Instead it appears they are being redeployed in Central Europe, operating in concert with US forces and NATO just as they did in the 1990s in Bosnia and Kosovo.

This is supported by the existence of  5 ISIS training camps in operating in Kosovo.  One is within a few miles of the U.S. military base, Camp Bondsteel.   Previously they has been used as training facilities by the Al Qaeda affiliated Narco-Terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA or UCK).

Words cannot begin to describe how unspeabkably criminal and obscene this is, particularly on the 20 anniversary of the illegal bombing of the former Yugoslavia by President Bill Clinton and NATO in violation of international law.

Here’s some background the Albanian drug lords being backed by Washington in Kosovo. Their criminal enterprises includes human organ harvesting, heroin trafficking, arms smuggling, and sex slavery of young women and girls:



“The KLA [ Kosovo Liberation Army] began action in 1996 with the bombing of refugee camps housing Serbian refugees from the wars in Bosnia and Croatia. The KLA repeatedly called for the “liberation” of areas of Montenegro, Macedonia and parts of Northern Greece. Thaci is hardly a figure of regional stability to put it mildly.

Kosovo Liberation Army - leaders graphic

The 44 year old Thaci was a personal protégé of Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during the 1990s, when he was a mere 30-year old gangster. The KLA was supported from the outset by the CIA and the German BND. During the 1999 war the KLA was directly supported by NATO.

At the time he was picked up by the USA in the mid-1990s, Thaci was founder of the Drenica Group, a criminal syndicate in Kosovo with ties to Albanian, Macedonian and Italian organized mafias. A classified January 2007 report prepared for the EU Commission, labeled “VS-Nur für den Dienstgebrauch” was leaked to the media. It detailed the organized criminal activity of KLA and its successor Democratic Party under Thaci.”



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BOMBARDERS THAT DIVIDED OUR COUNTRY IN 1999 ADOPTED TO SERBIA! Again, they will pour bombs under the slogan “Guardian Angel”

Photo: Profimedia / illustration


Northern Macedonia will be a poligon from May 20 to July 15 for the largest international NATO exercise in that country. As it turns out, US Bombers B-1B will participate in the maneuvers. Airplanes that were bombarding the FR of Yugoslavia for exactly 20 years ago will drop bombs to the Krivolak polygon.

Military analyst Aleksandar Radic explains that the “Detective Impact 2019” exercise is part of the great maneuver “Guardian Angel”, which is organized and financed by the US Command in Europe, which will involve as many as 27,000 soldiers.

– The primary goal of the “Guardian Angel” exercise will be to train the forces of the United States and its allies from NATO to respond to a crisis in the area that gravitate towards the Black Sea and the Balkans, therefore a special exercise dynamics in the territory of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and North Macedonia . Macedonians are deeply concerned, because for internal political reasons, as a message for the region, they need some great activity that will establish their entry into NATO and a solid alliance with the United States – Radic says.

He adds that the exercise scenario in Macedonia envisions the participation of up to two thousand domestic and as many US soldiers, allies from Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria and Lithuania, and should show what peace is looking like.

The curiosity of the exercise, according to Radic, is the fact that the American strategic B-1b, the aircraft used in the attack on SR Yugoslavia 1999, is to be shown in this region for the first time. Year. They were also used in Iraq and Afghanistan, they rarely appear in European exercises, and in general the precedent for our region that strategic bombers show their power, according to the military analyst.

-The emergence of two aircraft as symbolic as it is in military sense, however, is a strong political message about us domination in this area. The Bombers will probably fly from base to Great Britain, where they have logistics, and they will come from their home base in the United States. It will enter Macedonia’s airspace, throw bombs and go back, but it will likely cause very big reactions in our public opinion–assesses radic.

Retired Major General Mitar Kovac, director of the Eurasian Security Forum, for Sputnik says that Serbia is worrisist and the fact that these maneuvers will be played almost on the Serbian border. The topic is clear, it is a test of their ability to operate jointly militarily at any point in the Balkans, Kovac says.

-They are also openly speaking about: if things do not end in a political way, and there is need for the enforcement of the military force, it will do so to impose their will. This exercise is exactly the indicator of your thesis. It is unequively the NATO’s aggressive intentions, primarily of its main powers to fully conquer the Balkans–says Kovac.

He adds that Macedonia is agreeing to participate in the exercises that have been planting death around the neighborhood, and the citizens of Macedonia 20 years ago have been protesting it every day, showing the unprecedented servility of NATO.

The exercise organiser, the command of US forces in Europe, is one of the main partners of the Serbian Army, so it is not excluded that the possibility that our country will seek permission to fly on the way to Macedonia. The blacksmith does not turn that feature off.

-It’s lame if they don’t refuse. Because this is proof that not enough victims are respected, especially as the aviation of this character and purpose, with such deadly means irritates every Serbian citizen who hears that even the aircraft will come and aim at the Krivolak range, which is near Serbia, and Let alone fly our territory. I still believe, if it is public information, that the Government will not be able to authorize such a thing–assesses Mitar Kovac.

He adds that NATO sees that it is not all wrapped up in the Balkans with the dynamic that, above all, wanted by the US and Great Britain, and that in this respect, the story of Russian geostrategic aspirations is increasingly served in the west.