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March 24, 1999 – A day that will live in infamy, the illegal bombing of Serbia

20 years ago today, U.S. President Bill Clinton, using the power of his office, went to war against the Serbian people; he attacked a tiny European nation that had been America’s ally in both World War I and World War II.

The Serbian people were in bewildered, horrified disbelief. Even today, they cannot fathom why they were and continue to be targeted.

While under Nazi German occupation, Serbs rescued 432 American Airman and 80 Allied personnel shot down by the Fascist powers.  The Serbian people revolted against joining Hitler’s Tripartite Pact.  For each German killed during the occupation of Yugoslavia, 100 Serbs were executed by the Nazis.

Close to one million Serbs were brutally murdered in concentration camps in Fascist Croatia. A Muslim SS unit in Bosnia, and an Albanian SS unit– both created by Haj Amin Al Husseni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem on behalf of the Germans–enthusiastically participated in the Nazi genocide.

Yet, on March 24, 1999, Bill Clinton issued the order to destroy the Serbian people with all the awesome might the U.S. Air force and NATO had.

This tiny European country, already crippled and impoverished by war and an international embargo, was attacked by the militaries of 19 Western nations–the most powerful militaries in the world.  For 78 days, the Serbian people were bombed.

It was as obscene as it was criminal.

Already, in the years preceding, Serbia had been fighting off Iranian and Mujahdeen terrorists brought into the Bosnia with the quiet, covert support of Bill Clinton. Clinton had installed Alija Izetbegovic into power, after Izetbegovic lost the election to become president. Izetbegovic was an Islamic extremist literally on the payroll of Iran. He, and other members of the US backed Bosnia Muslim leadership, visited Iran at least once a month throughout the war.  Once, within just four days of having visited Bill Clinton at the White House, Izetbegovic flew to Tehran to meet with the mullahs. 

It was quite the arrangement.

Clinton gave the greenlight to Iranian shipments of weapons and personnel in violation of a UN arms embargo; for over two years 8 Iranian flights a month were brought into the former Yugoslavia to arm and train the Muslims.  Jihadi terrorists flocked to Yugoslavia, where their efforts were coordinated by U.S. special forces.  Many operated out of U.N. safe havens, refugee camps, launching murderous, horrifying raids on local Serbian villages to incite reprisals.  Clinton told Izetbegovic he needed a high Muslim death toll to justify bombing the Serbs.  This, he arranged.

History, meanwhile, was being rewritten.   The Serbs, who had endured and resisted Islamic Turkish occupation for five centuries, needed to be crushed, and were quickly vilified.  With the complicity of Western media, Jihadi terrorists, were cast as the new Jews of Europe.

Clinton’s massive NATO bombardment of the Serbian people was a direct violation of international law launched on behalf of the Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) — Al Qaeda linked Narco terrorists.  With U.S, German, and British training and support, the KLA launched horrific attacks on the Serbs. When Serbs responded, they were accused by the international community of  violent repression, and soon genocide.  The charge was a lie and a pretext for war, just as it was in Bosnia.

The United States and its allies bombed the people of Serbia from March 24, 1999 to June 10, 1999.  They bombed a petro-chemical plant in the city of Pancevo sending ten 10 tons of mercury and other toxic chemicals into the Danube river.  Depleted Uranium munitions and cluster bombs were used against civilians.  Even the studios of Radio Television Serbia in the center of Belgrade were struck by NATO bombs, killing innocent civilians.

They ended their brutal, awful onslaught, when Serbia finally agreed to withdraw from the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, the cradle of Serbian spiritual and cultural life: The Serbian Jerusalem.

With promises of protection, the Serbian military and police relinquished control to NATO.   What followed was the violent mass expulsion of Serbs, Roma, Jews, and other minorities, including Albanians who opposed the Albanian terrorists.

To observers, it quickly became clear, the international “peacekeepers” were there, not to protect the civilians, but to be insure the Serbian military would not return. Unprotected, over 250,000  Serbs and other minorities were ethnically cleansed from their homeland, and continue to be denied the right to return.  Many were brutally murdered. The United States had given its tacit approval to the massive ethnic cleansing operation, just as they’d done in Croatia a few years before when nearly the same number of Serbs were violently expelled from their homes.

Today, Albanian Narco terrorists rule Kosovo, and are continuing their unchecked reign of terror against the remaining small enclaves of Serbs, and other minorities clinging to life in their homeland.  They have imposed a tax of 100% on food and other goods being brought in to sustain those Serbs that remain. Buses carrying Serbs are stoned.  Cemeteries are vandalized. Mourners are attacked.  The murders continue. Over 200 churches, monastaries, cemeteries and other cultural and sacred sites have been severely damaged, looted, and destroyed. What had been a multi-ethic society is now mostly Albanian and Muslim as a result of the US-German-NATO intervention.

Heroin trafficking and the sex slave trade are thriving in Kosovo from which the US – German – Turkish backed Albanian rulers continue to profit.  Hachim Thaci, who serves as the president of this fake narco-state, has been identified as a mafia-like kingpin. According to NATO and The Council of Europe investigation, he and other Albanian secessionists are responsible for grisly murders of hundreds of imprisoned and kidnapped Serbs and other non-Albanians for organ harvesting.  Their kidneys, lungs and other organs were extracted and then sold to finance their criminal activities.  No one has been brought to justice for these unspeakable horrors.

Instead, incredibly, the United States and the European Union led by Germany are demanding that the Serbian people not only negotiate with these terrorist warlords, but relinquish their homeland to them.

Meanwhile, Albania, in collusion with the Albanian KLA commanders ruling Kosovo, has declared its intent to annex the Serbian province.  Other KLA rulers in Kosovo have declared the province of Kosovo isn’t enough; they plan on taking more of Serbian land to the North, far into central Serbia, up to the city of Nis.

In the last few days, the Albanian military has entered Kosovo in violation of international law, and apparently without objection from the United States and other foreign powers.

Nor does the United States appear to be troubled by the presence of 5 ISIS training camps in Kosovo–in the very heart of Europe.

One is within a few short miles of Camp Bondsteel, a large U.S. base.