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Albania announces plans to annex the Serbian Province of Kosovo by 2025

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URGENT PETITION – Stop the Persecution of Serbian Christians in Kosovo and Methohija

They call it “unification” but the annexation of the Serbian province of Kosovo by Albania was the plan all along.

That’s why they needed to drive out the non Albanians from Kosovo– close to 300,000 since the illegal NATO bombing. That’s why they hurried to destroy Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries, and open the border with Albania  flooding the Serbian province with Albanian migrants who engaged in violent riots. More than a thousand Serbs were murdered in Albanian pogroms under the watchful eye of NATO forces who stood by and let the Serbian Christians die… horrifying, brutal, gruesome deaths, as homes were looted, and medieval churches were destroyed, as historic Christian Orthodox frescos and icons were vandalized and defaced.

Serbian police and military were ordered to stand down and leave the  province, with the commitment NATO would protect Serbian civilians.  Instead the Serbian people were slaughtered and driven from their ancestral homes.

It’s nothing new. The ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo by Muslim Albanians has been happening for decades. What better way to seize control of the sovereign territory of another nation?

To the annoyance of their Western sponsors, the Albanians were open, even boastful about their plans. Maps of greater Albania abound online.  Apparently, they knew that they had the support of the most powerful nations in the world.

Why hide it?

Of course, these colorful maps don’t just show the “unification” of Albania and the Serbian province of Kosovo.  No. Their plans are far more ambitious, and reflect that which was promised to them by Nazi Germany with whom they allied themselves. This Fascist relationship resulted in the creation of a  Albanian Nazi SS Division.

Look closely. The Albania of their dreams will also include part of Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, and still more of Serbia, just shy of the central Serbian city of Nis.

This is illegal under international law.  It is also a moral obscenity.

This criminal abuse of the Serbian people and the flagrant violation of their sovereign rights to the land of the ancestors and their faith is truly an abomination. It is a crime against humanity.



Albanian PM: National unification with Kosovo by 2025

Tirana Times November 26, 2018

TIRANA, Nov. 26 – At the joint meeting that took place in Kosovo’s Peja between the Albanian and Kosovo governments on Monday, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke about the cooperation between the countries’ foreign ministries to achieve the national unification between Albania and neighboring Kosovo.

During his joint meeting speech, Rama invited Kosovo counterpart Ramush Haradinaj to approve that both the Albanian and Kosovo foreign ministry to begin working on a common strategic draft that will unite Albanians by the year 2025.  

“Albania, Kosovo and the way to Albanian union in the horizon of 2025. A demographic, economic, social document of both political systems, and all of this. I know very well what Belgrade or any other place will say but I see Albanian union as a necessity in the path to the EU and the EU should stop employing a two-faced approach.

He added that Albania cannot indefinitely wait for the European Union to take a decision regarding the country’s eventual membership, while Kosovo is already tired of waiting for the EU to approve visa-free travel for its citizens within the union, although all other countries in the region already benefit from visa liberalization and Serbia “keeps opening accession chapters.”

Having conducted five governmental meetings so far, Rama said the time has finally come to pass from words to action and the governments went on to sign a number of other agreements which foresee that within the first six months of 2019 there will be no trade tariffs and roaming tariffs between Kosovo and Albania but an established customs union.

Additional agreements mentioned during the speech for the media was unification of all issued documents and driving licenses.

Concerning Kosovo’s decision last week to place a full trade ban with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and which had both official Belgrade and the EU calling for the Kosovo government to back down immediately, Rama said it is “Serbia’s stabs on Kosovo’s back” which fully explain it.

“It is an irrational decision under normal conditions, but quite normal in irrational conditions such as those outlining the two-faced approach of Serbia. Whoever sees the 100 percent trade tariff as an economic decision is wrong. No, 100 percent tariff is a political response to the continuing excesses of Serbia’s supremacist behavior towards Kosovo,” he said.

Kosovo’s government decision to place a full trade ban came only two weeks after official Prishtina had imposed a ten percent trade tariff tax from all products coming from Serbia and Bosnia – a decision which had Vucic immediately call for a pause on normalization talks until it was revoked and the EU call for Kosovo to back down.

Failing to become an Interpol member last week and continuously struggling to be recognized on the international arena, Kosovo politicians and government members blamed Serbia’s “angry lobbying” against Kosovo and called the ban a “necessary political maneuver.”

This time, in response to Kosovo’s decision, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Belgrade will not be reciprocating Kosovo’s trade ban, but added alternative reactions were being looked into.

According to official numbers, last year Serbia’s exports to Kosovo reached a market value of 440 million euros (502.3 million dollars), while its imports reached 21 million euros (23.97 million dollars).