"migrant crisis" / Deutschland / European Union / Germany / Greece / Islam - Ottoman Empire / Turkey

How the Angela Merkel and the EU converted Greece into a “protectorate of foreign powers” and a Muslim ghetto| Faith Goldy (Video)

“Before their independence, the Ottomans ruled the Greeks with an Islam-o iron fist, instituting a regime of apartheid and enslaving whole populations of our forefathers for some 400 years…whole communities across Greece were wiped out.  An enormous amount of blood was spilled in the name of Greek independence from Muslim Turks…

…the once independent Greeks have been turned into slaves again…slaves to empire…memorandums commit the national wealth of Greece for the next century to foreign hands–foreign hands that will control Greek electricity, communications, water, ports, including [sic] tourist ports and [sic], all of the country’s airports, public transit, roads, government and tourist, and Olympic properties, natural gas, oil, and just about every other natural resource…

To be honest, though…it’s not the debt slavery that has me worried. It’s immigration. Greece has turned into a regional ghetto of illegal immigrants. Thanks to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the super-state  EU, and disloyal sellouts in the Greek parliament…”

— Faith Goldy

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