Al Qaeda / Donald Trump / Iran / Russia

What really inspired the ‘Deep State’ to take down Michael Flynn? Concern over alleged ‘ties’ to Russia? Or Flynn’s aggressive posture towards the Iranian Regime?


Was Michael Flynn’s targeting by U.S. Intelligence services really about Russia, or was it his determined, outspoken effort to go after the Iranian regime that truly troubled them?

Flynn’s 2016 book, Field of Fight is surprisingly critical of the inexplicable willingness of the United States, under both Democrat and Republican administrations — to allow  Iran to “build up its strength.”

“Unfortunately, for nearly forty years every American administration has permitted the Islamic Republic of to build up its strength, and even organize assassinations in our capital.

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan either directly sold weapons to Iran, or enabled others to do it, as in the case of the secret Gore-Chernomyrdin deal (in violation of then Senator Al Gore’s own legislation).

In all those years, no American president has initiated a serious challenge to post-revolutionary Iran, a pattern that now extends to our inconclusive response to the Islamic State. […]

[N]o American  president has called for regime change in Tehran; no American administration has supported the many millions of Iranian dissidents, including workers, teachers, students, and others how have demonstrated a desire for democracy and the courage to fight for it.  Indeed our Persian language radio and television broadcasting to Iran more often than not has been more critical of the United States than the clerical fascists who threaten us.”

Flynn demonstrates no affection for Russia in his book.  He does, however, express a desire to isolate Iran.  One obvious means of doing this, is by disrupting Russia’s relationship with Tehran.  Doing so, may have proved too threatening for too many in Washington, and elsewhere.

Certainly it would challenge the prevailing, if largely illicit policy of promoting Iran, and even colluding with it, as Bill Clinton did in destroying the former Yugoslavia.

Michael Flynn also exposed the support Iran was giving to Al Qaeda.  He notes in his book, that documents seized by the U.S. military  from bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan reveal that “al Qaeda was working on chemical and biological weapons in Iran.”

Hillary Clinton and CNN are already celebrating Michael Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s National Security Advisor.

No doubt they are joined in their jubilation by the murderous Mullahs in Tehran.

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