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U.S. State Depart Spokesman Confounded by UAE Decision to Designate CAIR and MAS as Terrorist Groups

This is both a fascinating and revealing (incriminating?) exchange between reporters and a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, over the decision of the United Arab Emirates to designate CAIR and the Muslim American Society as terrorist organizations.   Both these groups are Muslim Brotherhood front groups, with whom the U.S. has extensive dealings.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a fascist organization that according to former U.S. prosecutor John Loftus,  functioned as the Arab arm of German Nazi intelligence.

The group is widely feared and loathed across the Middle East by moderates, secularists, feminists, and Leftists.  For many years,  it was outlawed by a number of Arab governments.

Washington has been behind it’s recent, politically destabilizing ascension.