ISIS / ISIL / Islamic State / NATO / Oil / Russia / Turkey

“BACK STABBERS” – Putin accuses Turkey of being an “accomplice” of terrorists after downing of Russian Jet -“Do they want NATO to serve the interests of ISIS?”

Putin has described Turkey as being an “accomplice” of terrorists when expressing outrage over the of the downing of the Russian jet, describing it as a “stab in the back.”

ISIS, Putin explained, has tens of millions, perhaps billions of dollars coming from “illicit oil proceeds”.   The Russian operations have reportedly been effective in disrupting the flow of oil from ISIS captured territories to Turkey. Perhaps too effective, and not just for the Islamic State, but for Erdogan.

Putin notes that after the attack on the Russian jet, Turkey reported the incident, not to Russia, but NATO, which he clearly finds suspect.

Is NATO coming to the defense of ISIS via Turkey?

It wouldn’t be the first time support to Islamic militants was provided by NATO.  NATO worked hand in glove with mujahedeen and Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Bosnia to take down and dismantle the former Yugoslavia.  Unspeakable carnage, beheadings, torture, and terror was visited on the Balkans as a result. That effort also supported by Turkey, in addition to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and of course the Clinton White House.


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