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Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal had just TWO WORDS for Roger Waters (Video from Tel Aviv Performance)

Eagles of Death Metal were performing at the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris when three devout representatives of the Islamic State (ISIS) opened fire on audience members with machine guns.  Two of the followers of Muhammad eventually blew themselves up with suicide vests when French police finally raided the hall.

89 concert goers were executed that night in a horrifying expression of Islamic piety.

jesse-hughes-American FlagPrior to this terrorist attack, both the Bataclan venue and Eagles of Death Metal have reportedly been subjected to intensive harassment by BDS:  The Bataclan for hosting pro-Israel events, and Eagles of Death for defying BDS demands that they cancel their gigs in Israel.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd  apparently wrote to Eagles of Death demanding their compliance with BDS’s flagrantly anti-Semitic boycott.  Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal told Roger Waters where to go.

On stage at the Barby in Tel Aviv on July 12, Jesse Hughes reiterated to an enthusiastic Israeli audience his heartfelt two-word response to Roger Waters whom he aptly refers to as a “sucker” of male genitalia.

See it for yourself.  Incidentally, the Duran Duran hit Say a Pray is an Eagles of Death tune.  Scroll down to see the music video.

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