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Bataclan Concert Hall Attacked Because Owners Were Jewish; Performing Heavy Metal Band Toured Israel

Seems the Islamic State is engaged in actively enforcing the BDS boycott.

The owners of the Bataclan theater in Paris were reportedly supporters of Israel; the band that was performing at the time of the attack toured Israel last summer in spite of BDS demands for a boycott  by American performers.

What a coup for the BDS movement to have the enthusiastic participation of both the Islamic State and the European Union. How telling…

At last, finallyBDS members can point to a fitting punishment for the offense of performing in Israel: Death and carnage.

(For those of you incapable of recognizing it, this is sarcasm.  BDS is implicitly, and increasingly explicitly, a genocidal movement, providing the rationale for rendering the Jewish people isolated and defenseless in the face of unrelenting persecution in a war of extermination that never truly ended with World War II.)

[This is from Google Translate]

Le Bataclan, a regular target audience

For years, this room was the target of anti-Zionist groups. The rock band who produced it this Friday was on tour in Israel this summer.

         Par By

We had a planned attack against the Bataclan because the owners were Jewish. “This sentence, chilling under the taking of hostages and the carnage that would have made this Friday,” a hundred dead, “according to police sources, was delivered to the offices of the DCRI, in February 2011. The French services then questioned members of “Jaish al-Islam,” the Army of Islam, suspected of the attack that killed a French student in Cairo in February 2009. They were planning an attack in France and had therefore taken targeted the famous Parisian theater.

Rehearsals threats

In 2007 and 2008, the Bataclan was already under the threat of more or less radical groups.  At issue: holding regular conferences and galas of Jewish organizations, including the “Magav”, a border guard unit depending on the policy of Israel. In December 2008, whereas the Israeli military operation takes place in the Gaza Strip, the threats around the Bataclan are more accurate.  On the Web, a video showing a group of a dozen young, face hidden by keffiyehs, threatening officials Bataclan about the organization’s annual gala Magav. At the time, Le Parisien devotes an article without this handful of activists to be truly identified.  In the process, the annual meeting will be postponed.

 Since then, whenever a Jewish organization meets at Bataclan, many hostile comments flourish on the Web.  Yet in recent years, they seemed to have faded. . Nevertheless, the Israeli press recalled that the rock band Eagles of Death that occurred Friday evening 13 had toured Israel.  The group was then faced more calls for a boycott, which had not prevented from producing it.

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